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More Lore? Yes Please!
This is a constant work in progress.
It is a pretty crazy task to compile all of this stuff, so we welcome contributions and corrections to any incomplete or incorrect lore entries to may find listed here!
We would like to thank those who have already added to the collective as well!
  • Lakh

    Yetta was showing me a few spots last night & one of them was The Third Age 3. Apparently they are normal honeycombs. It’s at 185,443 in the City of the Sun God.

  • Mood

    The Truce – #2 – 845, 1290 – Behind the ruin.
    The Truce – #3 – 400, 1040 – In a small gun emplacement.
    The Truce – #4 – 306, 980 – On top of the observatory.
    The Truce – #8 – 1214, 789 – On a small hill.

  • Mood

    Forgot to say they’re all in Besieged Farmlands. :p

  • Yetta

    the truce 590, 904 i think it s number 6

    • Yetta

      sry number 5

  • Yetta

    Iazmaciune lore
    Lore 1 transilvanien 984, 346

  • Lakh

    Vampire Crusades
    #2 – Besieged Farmlands – 695,1184 – Behind wall of collapsed house

  • Lakh

    The Truce 7 – Besieged Farmlands – 691,535 – On hill

  • Zarroc

    #9 871,236 on top of a cliff start climbing at 900,214

  • Thanks everyone for the additions to the list. We’re quickly trying to get everything updated not only with your additions but the ones we are finding out in the world! One request I have, we’re wanting to expand on our lore pages, and we’re seeing pictures of lore! (just the position in the world.)

    We’re also looking for maps with all the lore waypoints plotted out. We can eventually go back and do this ourselves, but right now we’re trying to finish the mission database as our top priority.

    If you have any screenshots of Lore Locations or have Maps that have the Lore Waypoints saved and would like to contribute them to the listings here, please email us at [email protected] – be sure to include either a character name or any name you want credited for the submission!


    • Jennifer Davis

      Not sure if you’d like a copy or not, but I’ve been taking the info from both lore and list of quests and putting it into an Excel spreadsheet (so that it can be sorted by location, quest giver, etc). Happy to share a copy if you’d like it for the site or for reference!

  • Mood

    The Truce – #10 – Besieged Farmlands – 1278, 156 – Have to go through the whole monastery (lair level mobs) to get there. It’s on the small island on the map with the bridge leading to it, outside the walls.

  • Yetta

    Lore Locations

    Besieged farmland (10?) 1276, 160 Notes: you have to run through the group area to get up there

    Besieged farmland 875, 235 (this and the next one are in the werwolf area (3 yellow symbols)
    Besieged farmland 888, 135
    Besieged farmland 690, 540

    That should be the locations of the missing ones

    • Yetta

      330, 617 should be 6 sry for the othe rpost

  • Mood

    Can confirm #6 is in Besieged Farmlands at 330, 617 behind the tent made of tank wheels.

  • Lakh

    Iazmaciune 5 – Shadowy Forest – 248,829 – In the village

    Iazmaciune 6 – Shadowy Forest – 378,950 – In the village
    Iazmaciune 7 – Shadowy Forest – 299,739 – On ruined walls, access from inside the village ~275,740ish
    Iazmaciune 9 – Shadowy Forest- 479,898 – Bridge leading into village

  • Lakh

    Anastasia’s Wagon – All are in Shadowy Forest
    Anastasia’s Wagon 1 – 1034,786 – HilltopAnastasia’s Wagon 2 – 933,811 – On pierAnastasia’s Wagon 3 – 1089,637 – Fata Padurii area of Pale ForestAnastasia’s Wagon 4 – 1037,493 – Clifftop overlooking lairAnastasia’s Wagon 5 – 1003,501Anastasia’s Wagon 6 – 1081,355 – Lair area under treesAnastasia’s Wagon 7 – 915,354 – Lair area with mob on top of it, can sneak up behind tree & click it

    • Lakh

      Odd. Anastasia’s Wagon – All are in Shadowy Forest
      Anastasia’s Wagon 1 – 1034,786 – Hilltop
      Anastasia’s Wagon 2 – 933,811 – On pier
      Anastasia’s Wagon 3 – 1089,637 – Fata Padurii area of Pale Forest
      Anastasia’s Wagon 4 – 1037,493 – Clifftop overlooking lair
      Anastasia’s Wagon 5 – 1003,501
      Anastasia’s Wagon 6 – 1081,355 – Lair area under trees
      Anastasia’s Wagon 7 – 915,354 – Lair area with mob on top of it, can sneak up behind tree & click it

  • Lakh

    And two assorted ones:
    Roman Baths 6 – Besieged Farmlands – 1425,310 – It’s in the lair section, at the top of a flight of stairs behind the railing. You can run in & grab it quickly.
    The Breach 2 – Shadowy Forest – 907,476

    • Lakh

      Roman Baths 1 – Carpathian Fangs – 631,482 – Entrance of tunnel to Baths

  • jetah

    Any chance to view Lore/Achievements per Zone? Those multi zone ones could be done easier if we could see all lore/achievements for each zone.

    • We are considering how this could be done cleanly and not create a complete cluster f###. Since everything in its current form is fairly well organized, the only benefit to ‘by zone’ lore organization would be to map everything for each zone. We’re considering this, but would be easier and more worth the excessive amount of time to do it if we had every lore location logged for the specific zones, which by the way, we’re working on!

  • JoltyJ

    Has there been any thought to actual transcriptions of the lore? Crygaia is the only site I’ve found with it, and they have much less than you guys do.

    • Volaric

      We have plans for it yes, however, our current focus is the “Unleashed” content. Once that’s done we’re going to find a place to put the lore transcripts along with a possible overhaul of how the lore section looks/works. Look for it within the next week or two.

  • sadoul1

    Phenomenal site guys! I use it all the time to help me through the game. Thank god, and wow how fast you guys update!

    Was wondering, are there any plans on getting the end mission notes up in a section somewhere? I mean the summaries from each faction after they turn in a mission just before they get their loot. There’s good lore insight on most of them, and I’m particularly enjoying the Dragon ones with their deep philosophical meanderings. My main toon is Illuminati and their mission debriefs are hilariously caustic. Haven’t played a Templar yet, but I can imagine the religious nature.

    Anyway, I feel it would be an interesting addition. Although I fully realize you already have more than enough to keep up with. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say on the idea.

    Cheers, and keep up the great work!

  • Darx

    Suggestion. Could you put in the ability to look up lore by location? For instance, say I wanted to see all the lore that’s in Blue Mountain. It’s sort of annoying to have to go through all of the various “multizone” lore pages to find the ones that are in any one specific zone.


    • I agree. Even for my own purposes in Lore Hunting, it would be nice to have a “By Zone” option.

      The problem being, time.. Who has it?

    • Volaric

      We’re in the process of posting these now. Currently done with Cities and Half of Solomon Island. Should be all done before the weekend.

    • Check out the new LORE BY LOCATION page:

      • Darx

        Awesome! Thank you =D

  • Tetsuno

    How about the explorations? some of the points can be pretty hard to find (like abbot’s house in Besieged)

  • ca92972

    seasonal lore Global Samhain? there three listed

  • Shadow_stalker

    Has anyone run across the 3 new Lores yet (Global: Seasonal: Samhain)??

    • Not available in game yet, but have the section ready at the top of the page! Check back after the next patch!

  • The Opening Night lores can be found backstage at the theatre when you rent the stage, on the “castle” stage in the Ealdwic Park and one on the rehearsal stage.

  • Frank-widdle

    i know its late but are you gonna up date for the End of days lore?

  • Jane Reaction

    There are two lore inside The Castle mission instance. One is in the Tier 3 room (the one where you have to sprint at just the right moment as the foreground patrol goes left and the far end of the room guy goes right. The lore is off to the right near the starting location of the nearer patrol.

    The second lore is sandwiched behind a wall just before the door to The Grey fight. It’s off to the right in a little store room between the first blue card key door and the door where you blow up the locking mechanism.

  • Farmer

    Lore Location “The Breaks in Time”
    #1: Mission “The City Before Us”, in the before time version, when you bury the artefact. Its left of the bury location, behind a stone

    #2 The Scorched Desert, 313.5, 545.7, behind the Time Tomb, south-south-west of the “Forsaken Oasis” well

    • Fabio Riccardo

      #3 map 433,635 inside time tomb Instance