• safsadgf

    finally a reason to get second place in stonehenge

  • Pretty damn good changes really

    • Wait till you see some of the other new stuff! 🙂

  • Dzyan

    Thank god, finally a haircut animation. That’s what this game was missing.

  • AnGeLZzZ

    Where the hell is Tokyo?! Quit playing the game after 1.5.
    What a waste…

    • Gam

      Read the notes mate

  • Tachy

    Pretty fukdup, this issue is 2 months late and they are charging double for it. I want a job like this.

  • Aeyrulon

    Second Lore.
    During Last Train Action.
    After you are yellow card section at train. there sequence where you need to climb atop train, and then jump to avoid the lights.
    When you will proceed to jump on fuel cistern ( next to the vagon you climbed up).
    You have to fall,between vagons, then turn back into vagon and you will see lore.

  • Amadahy

    Without going into a long dissertation, your site is done gone broked. Because CloudFail.

    Not that I don’t enjoy reading your style sheets.

    • Ha – Yea, Cloudflare has messed some things up, but have no choice, when you have a popular site, people want to be dicks and mess it up.