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Main Story Missions

Main Story Mission Guides / Solutions:
What the Icons Mean
Story – These quests are the main story of The Secret World, typically taking you through each zone.
Dungeon – These quest lead you into the dungeons, usually advance as each boss is killed and complete when the instance is cleared.
Combat – These missions are typically kill or hunt missions. They involve combat, usually with varying types of enemies.
Investigation – Research and Investigation Missions. Designed to make you solve puzzles or find solutions, usually with real world elements.
Sabotage – Missions with multi-part specific tasks. Usually involved collection, infiltration and destruction.
Side Quests - These are typical fetch or locate quests. These quests send you out to obtain a specific object. Allowed to have 3 at any given time.
PvP – Given out in the battleground / pvp zones. These include Caputre Objectives and Kill Quests.
  • Hawking

    Refuse gift, Attack Effigy and Repair prison gave the same ending – so I suspect it’s only your final choice that is crucial here.

    • Doc

      took gift, didnt attack and attacked prison gave dark ending, so yes dark = attack.. light? = repair

      • Animaniac

        Even in Christian dogma, the first demons were fallen angels. So yes, same species. Different motivations (divine vs selfish) but the same.

      • razgryz

        well i choosen to repair it and it gave me the dark ending so “i think” (just an opinion) its random? or depends the faction you are

  • White-Queen

    Hi! I think a small addendum might be useful. The notes sound when the nodes release those anima balls. So the off-tune note corresponds to the node that released the ball when the note was played. Er… yeah. I think that’s it.

  • Yraen

    I find it interesting. I accepted the gift, kneeled before the effigy, and repaired the prison (Dark, Dark, Light). I got the guy in black talking to me at the end, but it was a “good” side ending.

  • Bithnar

    I took Gift, Attacked Effigy, and attacked prison. I got the guy in black talking to me.

  • Amadahy

    I did not accept the gift, I attacked the effigy, and I attacked the prison. I got the ‘we will whisper to you when the time comes’ voice, but sadly I did ‘not’ get either the white or red angel visitation. It just kicked me to the curb. 🙁

  • Winterhawk

    One thing that helped me out a lot on the Gaia engines–for the longest time I couldn’t get the hang of it, but I read in another guide that each of them is an on-off state, meaning that if you hit the wrong one, it switches state (turns off if it was on, or vice versa). The easiest way I found was to start at the beginning, listen for broken notes, fix *one* note, let it go through its cycle again, and then fix the next note. I was trying to fix more than one in a cycle and it was messing me up. (I think there’s only one broken note on the first two engines, but if you choose to repair the one at the end, there are at least two).

  • Kry

    I for one Hated this, Hearing loss on an Audio test… Not the funnest mechanic of the game… I opened a ticket and they will help you if you have this issue.

  • Carceri

    Okay it’s not exactly right: found that out during watching your video =)
    There are 7 nodes and 7 notes in the melody. As you may see in the video when each note sounds the energy ball (or something) flies from the node to the central node (the node above). Now if the node needs tuning you’ll hear the “static” or “scratching” instead of melodic sound. Now compairing that sound with the visual location of the node that sounds now you’ll easily find the broken nodes.
    Hope this’ll help.

  • Animaniac

    The tones for the engine repair are basically the same tones used to communicate between the Earthlings and the Aliens in “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”

  • Exxar

    I think there’s also a visual clue as to which nodes need adjustment – the properly functioning ones appeared to me as a kind of intense orange, while the malfunctioning ones were a lighter combination of yellow and white.

    • Exxar

      Or rather, they weren’t yellow/white but a more yellowish kind of orange. Hope that makes sense.

      • Toby Wong

        yea they burn more frantically around the edges too

  • Assyb

    This was an awesome freaky ending to this mission. Like something between Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Contact. Was a good one I thought.

  • Medea

    I accepted the gift, kneeled before the effigy and attacked the prison. i got no angel what so ever sadly

  • Shadow

    did the quest totally change? I accepted the gift (thinking I could chose yes or no .. but no) and then it took me out of the ‘dungeon’ there was no other “thing” I could do.

  • mbbrazen

    I accepted the gift, did not attack the effigy and repaired the prison. I got the guy in black, not the white angel. But remember Eblis is an angel also and he was trying to kill us!

  • NightShade

    On this one, I had a really hard time at the beginning since I have problems listening to sound (rather distinguishing similar sounds from one another). Anyway, one thing I found was that you can look at all the nodes and see which ones are the smaller ones (the broken nodes). This methods helped me throughout repairing every single engine with ease. I’m not sure if this is going to work for anyone else.

  • Ашграу

    Erm, but to accept the gift means to accept the Dark Side.
    Declined gift, attacked effigy, repaired prison, lost connection to server. When asked GM, he said, that I had to see ‘White’ ending due to repairing Prison.

  • Soliarmus

    Fun fact: killing Droemhunds and Droemravns count toward Guardian kills for the Monster kills achievements.