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Main Story Missions

Main Story Mission Guides / Solutions:
What the Icons Mean
Story – These quests are the main story of The Secret World, typically taking you through each zone.
Dungeon – These quest lead you into the dungeons, usually advance as each boss is killed and complete when the instance is cleared.
Combat – These missions are typically kill or hunt missions. They involve combat, usually with varying types of enemies.
Investigation – Research and Investigation Missions. Designed to make you solve puzzles or find solutions, usually with real world elements.
Sabotage – Missions with multi-part specific tasks. Usually involved collection, infiltration and destruction.
Side Quests - These are typical fetch or locate quests. These quests send you out to obtain a specific object. Allowed to have 3 at any given time.
PvP – Given out in the battleground / pvp zones. These include Caputre Objectives and Kill Quests.