• Invino

    The Chemist is at 180, 175 co-ords in London

  • Herpaderpa

    huge lack of dragon missions 🙁 atm i need hints on – End Game

  • Soliarmus

    I have a video of the Dragon story mission conclusion to Mortal Sins (Full Circle) on my YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N21vsJp3eK8). The upload quality isn’t optimal though. Feel free to use it, Unfair. 🙂

  • John Travis

    The mission “London Underground” (Dragon) is bugged. On stage 2/3, “Replace the sword with the chimera”, the sword itself is unclickable, no (U) to use it. There is a gear icon over it momentarily when I first mouse over it, but it immediately vanishes, without ever letting me click it.

    I’ve also relogged several times in an effort to get an unbugged instance. Nothing works.

    Also, the reprogrammed turrets are hypothetically supposed to occupy the Templars in the last room, allowing you to pass them without fighting. The do not, at least not always, particularly if you’re defeated and respawn in the mission, or exit and re-enter for any reason. On at least one occasion, the turrets were GONE, and I was attacked by every Templar in the room.
    It has been bugged since at least Dec 2013, so it’s obviously not a priority for them. If you’ve got this mission, dump it and move on.