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The Secret World: Update 1.9.1 Patch Notes – July 3rd

UPDATE 1.9.1 – JULY 3RD GENERAL Fixed a typo in Inbeda’s dialogue. Lethal Weapon – Leather jacket with lowered hoodie, brown can now be worn with hats. Orochi Drones in Kaidan now have subtitles when warning potential intruders. Removed... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Patch Notes Version 1.5.1 (Issue #5 Content)

UPDATE NOTES “ISSUE# 5: THE VANISHING OF TYLER FREEBORN” – GAME UPDATE 1.5.1 UPDATE “ISSUE# 5: THE VANISHING OF TYLER FREEBORN” – 19TH DECEMBER   NEW MISSIONS A brand new mission line is now available: „The Vanishing of Tyler... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Chainsaw

No game that includes zombies is complete without one.. Right? Coming to The Secret World in patch 1.4 is the latest and greatest in Auxiliary Weapons, The Chainsaw!   This is, quite obviously, a melee weapon and will be a favorite of tanking characters... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Albion Theatre First Look Walkthrough And Features

Albion Theatre Opens in The Secret World – RPers everywhere scream in excitement! Coming to The Secret World in patch 1.4 is the ultimate in Roleplaying features, The Albion Ballroom Theatre! Unfair took some time to check out the early version... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Issue #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed Till … WTF….

And … The Secret World Issues #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed .. Again.. I’ve run out of creative things to say, other than, they delayed it again, this time till next week.   No definite date or time given. Here’s the original... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Issue #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed Till September 13th

Issue #2 – “Digging Deeper”  delayed till September 13th. A recent tweet by Funcom has pushed the release date of The Secret World:  Issue #2 “Digging Deeper” back one more day…  I guess it’s not too bad, one... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Issue #2 Release Date Pushed Back

ISSUE #2 RELEASE DATE PUSHED BACK I personally preffer this being pushed back rather than released without being tested.  You can read the announcement below.  Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think of this news. As you may know,... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: 1.1.3 Patch Notes / Change Log

Here are the Patch Notes for The Secret World Patch 1.1.3 (SUPER long list this week). GENERAL * Fixed several crash issues for the in-game browser. PVP Fusang Projects * The Results score will once again update properly for all three factions.  Read More →

The Secret World: Issue #2 – Digging Deeper

New weapon types… New cosmetic Options… And new missions … Sounds like another great monthly update! Check Out The Details Below!  New Patch “Digging Deeper” Going Live August 28th! Original Source: [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: 1.1.2 Patch Notes / Change Log

See Full List of changes below, or at their source here. Update 1.1.2 – August 15th General Removed the need to chew tacos – they can now be consumed in under a second. Note: We cannot be held responsible for choking or other health risks... [Continue Reading]