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The Secret World: Nameless Days Guide / Solution

This mission begins when you find one of the Harbinger bosses in the world and target it.     Tier 1 Objective:  Find a way to weaken and destroy a Harbinger of Nameless Days. They are located  in Savage Coast, near:  (300,764)    2200000 Health. Scorched... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Resplendent Wisdom Guide / Solution

You must have completed the mission ‘ The End Of Something ‘ to be eligible for this mission. This mission is picked up from the Morninglight Tent in London Tier 1 Objective:  Find the wild Resplendent Quetzal in Blue Mountain I found... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: From Carthage to Cairo Guide / Solution

This mission is from Tanis in the Scorched Desert  (549,448) Opening Cinematic Tier 1 Objective:  Go to the bombed area You can enter the building at coordinates (551 , 407) Objective:  Pick up the buzzing cellphone  Pick up the phone, then it... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Obstructive Persons Investigation Mission

Thanks Again To “Mako” For Helping With The Details Of This Mission! The mission begins at Alina Florea ( 709,1128 )  in The Shadowy Forest Opening Cinematic Video Playthrough Tier 1 Objective:  Search the area around Alina Head to coordinates... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: The Uncertainty Principle – Quantum Weapon Mission

VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO “MAKO” WHO HELPED ME GET THROUGH THIS MISSION! Auxiliary weapon mission from Sandy “Moose” Jansen (196,345)  in Kingsmouth (Anybody else think the title of this mission could be the title of an episode... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Just A Flesh Wound Guide – Chainsaw Mission!

Pick up the mission from Dr. Aldini in the Modern Prometheus (Plastic Surgeon) in New York to begin! [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: Sign of the Times – Templar Story Mission

Having returned from your first assignment on Solomon Island, the Templars have a new matter in London that requires your attention. Tier 1 Objective:  Meet with Marianne Shelley Up the stairs follow it around. As you get to the top, a cut scene will... [Continue Reading]