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The Secret World: Virgula Divina Guide – Templar Story Mission

Tier 1 Objective:  Go to the Horned God The Horned God is located in London at coordinates (170,225).  You can just follow the marker on your map. As soon as you enter and approach the bar, a cut scene will play.  With the cut scene over, your mission objective will... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Region Boss – Aspect of the Great-Winged

Transylvania Region Boss: Aspect of the Great-Winged Strategy Submitted by Amens: He walks at the beginning of the fight. In this phase the boss has an shield which protects him against 90% of all ranged attacks and 50% of magic attacks.He also does... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Duneback Guide

City of The Sun God: Duneback Strategy Provided by Amens: It channels a poison-spit, which does some damage and applies a dot on the tank.  It also does an wide aoe effect where Scorpiontails spawn on the ground.  They do also damage and spawn some... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Hassan, the Ruiner Guide

City of the Sun God: Hassan, the Ruiner Strategy Submitted by Amens: As a Djinn he does some Firespells.  He is immune to any kind of debuff so weakend is not possible on him.  He has an Firepower Aoe which has a Throwback if it gets you.  And he... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Dacian Pack Runner Guide

Shadowy Forest: Dacian Pack Runner Strategy Submitted by Amens: Its a big Werewolf that has the buff that whenever he hits critically his damage goes up.  Also he does his line-attack like all the other werewolfs. New to this one is that he spawns... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – She of Woe Guide

Shadowy Forest: She of Woe Main thing to remember about this Lair Boss is that it’s a Paduri. It comes with 2 adds linked to it. You will have to hinder them, move the boss to break the shield, and do it again, and again and again until it dies.... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – The Scythian Guide

Besieged Farmlands: The Scythian He has 2 Major buffs on him.  The first one lets him deal 5 times damage. So nearly every hit will kill even a tank. It can be removed by stacking debillated up to 10.  The second one grants him a shield which absorbs... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Red Revere Guide

Besieged Farmlands: Red Revere Strategy Submitted by Amens: First his “Sulfur Circle” where he gets a damage buff.  These Circle don’t disappear like the ones of the smaller versions.  So at a certain point he permanantly has that... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Rare Spawn – Village-Eater

He’s not evil.. He’s just lonely! Village-Eater is a large filth-infected zmeu rare spawn under the bridge at Hermit’s Crossing with approximately 17k health.   You can find him at (1207,239). Defeating him will give you the achievement Village-Eater.  Read More →

The Secret World: Rare Spawn – Brother Razvan

Brother Razvan is a deathless rare spawn with approximately 11k hp.  You can find him at (1415,169). Whenever you impair him, he will silence you. Defeating him will give you the achievement Brother Razvan. The respawn timer is 30-minutes.  Read More →