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The Secret World: Game Director Letter – July 2013

GAME DIRECTOR LETTER – JULY 2013 Hi all, The warmth of summer is upon us and most of the dev team is back from their vacation and raring to go on Issue #8. I’ll keep this update short and sweet. First of all, I wish to thank everybody who joined... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Who Horrifies The Horrors Guide / Solutions

Tier 1 Objective: Search The Eastern Village Entrance for Signs of Werewolves Make your way to the location on the map. As you approach the barricade, your mission will update. Objective: Drive Back The werewolf assault There will be a few waves... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Red Snow Guide / Solutions

Tier 1 Objective: Kill 5 Orochi Winter Soldiers while on snowmobile This mission is a guranteed complete while doing “You Only Die Twice” – While on the snowmobile, you’ll get attacks and abilities.  Simple attack the Orochi... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Where the Little Ones Go Guide / Solutions

This mission is only accessible within “The Sound of Children” mission. Tier 1 Objective: Read the log. The log is right next to the mission start on the floor. Objective:  Read clipboard in the Incorporeal Entity Ward Objective:  Read... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Guardians of Gaia Event Starts July 3rd!

Today Funcom annouced it’s plans for The Secret World’s First Anniversary Event!   “Guardians of Gaia“, which begins on July 3rd! The apparently 5 day event will include: Massive Creatures (Guardians) around the game world requiring... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Update Notes for 1.7 ‘Features’ HOTFIX (June 28th)

UPDATE ‘1.7 FEATURES’ HOTFIX – JUNE 28TH GENERAL The Forgotten Ashes item can now be purchased again Time Tomb Raider title can now be purchased again Fixed a clipping issue with Strapless blouse and long gloves Large frame glasses,... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Update Notes for 1.7 ‘Features’

GENERAL An issue causing players’ screens to remain black after finishing cinematics has been resolved. You should no longer lose sprint when entering combat. Item Shop Consumables can no longer be used before your character reaches Kingsmouth. Character... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Black Weekend Event Starting This Friday!

This weekend everyone will be able to enjoy great bonuses in The Secret World. The special Black Weekend Event begins Friday the 14th at 15:00 CET (9 am EST) and lasts until Monday the 17th of June at 15:00 CET (9 am EST). These are the special event... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World Issue #7: A Dream To Kill – Producers Letter

Today, we’re finally getting some more official details about the upcoming Issue #7: A Dream To Kill for The Secret World. Along with that, Joel talks about Tokyo, Issue #8, Augmentation System and Scenarios! You can read the details below! Hi,... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: New Stuff In The Item Shop

  New toys, gear, outfits and tools are continuously added to the Item Shop for The Secret World. Recently we have put in some especially handy new items which you now can reap the benefits of. Condenser of Quintessence:  This brand new consumable... [Continue Reading]