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The Secret World: The Defence Never Rests Guide / Solutions

Tier 1: Get to coordinates (467 , 321)  The door will be very familiar depending on which part of the Issue #6 mission chain you’re on. You’ll need to survive 3 waves of Cultists.  During one of the waves, be on the look out for a “Singularity... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Five Ways to Kill a Man Guide / Solutions

  See our complete list of guides, solutions and walkthroughs by clicking here. See More From Issue #6 The Last Train to Cairo Here.    Read More →

The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Whip

The Whip, you too can live out your wildest fantasies… (Be it Jones, Belmont, Bedroom or otherwise!) Coming to The Secret World in patch 1.6 is the coolest and possibly kinkiest weapon in the Auxiliary arsenal, the Whip! Where To Get It? The Whip... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo Preview

Funcom has released details of Issue #6, the next update for The Secret World!  The next Auxiliary Weapon is a Whip! (queue Indiana Jones Theme… Now!) The darkness in Egypt is ancient and its malevolent tendrils work tirelessly to spread their... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: 1.6 Patch Notes From Test Live

It looks like 1.6 Has finally hit Test Live.  No mention of new missions or features yet, but here is the first wave of patch notes!      Update version 1.6 Notes   (2/20/13) **These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will... [Continue Reading]