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The Secret World: The Meowling Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: Crossing The Black Path Guide / Solution

This mission starts immediately after ‘The Meowling’ and requires a fair bit of travel.   Be warned, if you’ve not gotten into Egypt or Transylvania zones at this point, this mission may be beyond your current abilities.   Try to find... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: The Cat God Guide / Solution

This mission is the 3rd part in a chain, please see “The Meowling”  and  “Crossing the Black Path“ This is a dungeon mission, which is the end of the Halloween Event Mission Chain.  It is advised to bring a friend or 2! Tier... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World:  Halloween Event 2012 – Consolidated Information

Samhain (Halloween) 2012  Information The first of The Secret World’s seasonal events kicks off with “Samhain” The Halloween Event.  The event includes 3 missions (2 Investigation, 1 Dungeon), 5 Achievements, 5 Lore, and an array... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Cats of Kingsmouth Guide / Solution

Coming Soon. Most of you may have received a cellphone call on your characters immediately after Issue #3 release.    This was a mix-up from Funcom.  This mission is part of the Halloween event that won’t go live till October. Message from Funcom... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Dogs of War Guide / Solution

Opening Cinematic [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: The Binding Guide / Solution

Opening Cinematic Full Video Guide [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: Blue Mountain Lair Mission – Picking Up The Pieces

Objectives: Find 6 pieces of the ward stone.  Read More →

The Secret World: Kingsmouth Lair Mission – Coralations

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The Secret World: Savage Coast Lair Mission – Nobel Calling

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