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The Secret World: Virgula Divina Guide – Templar Story Mission

Tier 1 Objective:  Go to the Horned God The Horned God is located in London at coordinates (170,225).  You can just follow the marker on your map. As soon as you enter and approach the bar, a cut scene will play.  With the cut scene over, your mission objective will... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Sign of the Times – Templar Story Mission

Having returned from your first assignment on Solomon Island, the Templars have a new matter in London that requires your attention. Tier 1 Objective:  Meet with Marianne Shelley Up the stairs follow it around. As you get to the top, a cut scene will... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: London Underground (Templar) Guide / Solution

We are currently playing Illuminati characters and look forward to playing the other factions when our initial play-through is complete.  However, we don’t want to neglect our Dragon and Templar fans! If you have a mission guide, walkthrough,... [Continue Reading]