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DayZ – The Fun of Finding A New Shiny Weapon!

DayZ and the repercussions of firing that new shiny weapon! On a slow news day, wanted to share a funny clip we caught in our latest adventures. I would say this is best to be consider like one of those ‘Public Service Announcement’ style... [Continue Reading]

Skyblock 2.1 – Ep 04 – Construction

In this episode, I tackle a few of the challenges listed for the Skyblock Challenge. We make some bread and bookcases, pretend it’s Halloween, turn some cacti into dyes, construct our animal farm(assuming animals decide to show up soon) and lastly... [Continue Reading]

The Online Zombie Survival Game We’ve All Been Waiting For?

I need to start this off by saying, I have yet to play this game. ( I want to.. BAD!)  I’m holding off as long as I can to finish some real life project before I delve into a game that will clearly cost me many many many hours of life. [Continue... [Continue Reading]

Creation Focus Moved To A Floating Tower….

I had this idea in my head of a floating island with a mage style tower on it.   After losing another night worth of sleep, I created the island and carved out the land in the area to make it really look like this massive chunk of earth was ripped from... [Continue Reading]

Slowly making a castle..

Posted by 9 years ago In Gaming

So been working on it here and there, my resident players who would normally frequent my server have been noticeably absent lately so it making material acquisition a little slower. But mainly wanted to get some more screenshots up as to its current state. ... [Continue Reading]

More Minecraft – Now With A Gallery!

So, I’ve been killing way too much time in Minecraft, but I’ve been having a blast. [Continue Reading]  Read More →

Minecraft – And the fun continues!

Ok – So the other day, I posted about Minecraft, and since that post, I can honestly say, I’ve not done much else but play it.  Work has been forgotten, wife may or may not have left me…  not sure, haven’t seen her since installing this... [Continue Reading]

… Minecraft, You Are Amazing.

So, I may be a couple years late to this party, but today, I bought Minecraft, and convinced a friend to do so as well. About 10 minutes later fired up a dedicated server (hosted locally on my home’s media server) and we were in, digging away! Funny... [Continue Reading]