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The Secret World: Mean Streets Guide / Solutions

Tier 1: Objective: Pick up proximity explosives  (This is important!) Objective: Go to the al-Merayah outskirts Objective: Find a key patrol member to eliminate Head to the location on your map, and look for a patrol in the area, they wander through... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: The Prisoner Guide / Solutions

This mission preceded by:  “Mean Streets“   Tier 1: Objective:  Search the Date factory Like normal Sabotage missions, do not get spotted by the cameras or enemies!   However, if you have the gear, and / or friends, you can save... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: A Time to Every Purpose Guide / Solutions

This mission preceded by:  “The Prisoner“   Tier 1 Objective: Read the manual about the Time Tombs It is on the table right next to Said. Objective: Use the Time Tomb southwest of the oasis. Head to the location on your map coordinates... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: The City Before Us Guide / Solutions

Preceded By: “The City Beneath Us“ Tier 1 Objective:  Enter the Time Tomb Tier 2 Objective:  Find a functioning ark in al-merayah’s past Head into the door on the left, you’ll see a panel with 3 items – I solved it with... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: From Carthage to Cairo Guide / Solution

This mission is from Tanis in the Scorched Desert  (549,448) Opening Cinematic Tier 1 Objective:  Go to the bombed area You can enter the building at coordinates (551 , 407) Objective:  Pick up the buzzing cellphone  Pick up the phone, then it... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Live Free, Die Hard Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: The Prometheus Initiative Guide / Solution

The quest starts with Lisa Hui at the Orochi camp in The Scorched Desert.  Coordinates: 400,947 After picking up the quest……. [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: The Traitor Egypt Guide / Solution

Complete walkthrough of The Traitor Mission in Egypt in The Secret World Tier 1:Go to meeting spot and Find a way inside One you accept the quest, go to the spot located on the map.  You will see a few folded tents and knocked over tables in front of... [Continue Reading]