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The Secret World: Digging Deeper Guide / Solution

Complete Video Walkthrough Tier 1 Objective:  Find the Entrance to the Illuminati Tunnels The first step is to find the hidden tunnels under ‘Main Street’.   There are various clues as to where to look, but quite simply, run straight... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: The Vision Guide / Walkthrough

First step is to find Madam Roget in her basement dwelling. Head to “Elm Street” in the town. See The Location On The Map [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: Men in Black Vans – Solution / Guide

Solution to Men in Black Vans Investigation in The Secret World NOTE: THIS QUEST IS CURRENTLY BUGGED ON THE LAST STEP (Tier 4) FUNCOM IS AWARE AND WILL HOPEFULLY FIX IT IN AN UPCOMING PATCH. EDIT:   This quest has been fixed in the July 3rd patch.  You... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Dead Air Investigation – Answer / Solution

The quest begins at the Airport from the questionable gentleman. [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: Something Wicked – Solution / Walkthrough

When you start the quest, your first stop is going to be Kingsmouth Town Hall. [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: The Kingsmouth Code – Solution / Walkthrough

[Continue Reading]  Read More →