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The Secret World Issue #7: A Dream To Kill – Producers Letter

Today, we’re finally getting some more official details about the upcoming Issue #7: A Dream To Kill for The Secret World. Along with that, Joel talks about Tokyo, Issue #8, Augmentation System and Scenarios! You can read the details below! Hi,... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Joel Bylos Interview & Issue #6

You can read the Q&A from massively at it’s source HERE, or we have provided the text below for your convenience. Massively: Since Issue #6 making its debut, are we to assume that the relocation has finished and the team has settled in? If so,... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Content and Issue Road Map for 2013

Today, Joel Bylos posted a blog article with some information on what’s to come to The Secret World in 2013.   It appears they plan to make it up through Issue #12.   Joel gives a nice break down, some clues and a bit of information to look forward... [Continue Reading]

Joel Bylos reveals his plans for The Secret World & Patch 1.4 Information

Game Director Joel Bylos reveals his plans for The Secret World Hi, all – Are you sitting down? Comfortable? Good. Let’s talk about our game. I say our game because once an MMO goes live it is no longer a collection of ideas, features and... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Joel Bylos Is The New Game Director

Joel Bylos Becomes The Secret World’s New Game Director With Ragnar Tørnquist stepping down as the Game Director for the Secret World comes the announcement of his replacement, Joel Bylos.  All the Ragnar fans out there, don’t worry, he’s... [Continue Reading]