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The Secret World: Signal Effect Quest Guide / Solution

This mission proves much more annoying than we anticipated.  The premise is easy enough, Find satellite dishes, get to them, input code, profit.  However, it isn’t quite that simple.  I feel that this deserves to be an Investigation mission... [Continue Reading]

DayZ + Arma 3 Developer Interview

Interview with Dean Hall, Creator of DayZ The creator of Day Z, Dean “Rocket” Hall, recently gave an interview to PCGamer regarding DayZ and his plans for the future of the mod. He talks about disease, temperature, player emotion and playstyle,... [Continue Reading]

DayZ ArmA II Mod – Beware of Exploits – Ban waves coming

Beware of Exploits and the Debug Forest – Ban waves coming. Developers Rocket and Tonic had a few things to say on the 20th regarding the state of DayZ. This is a brief synopsis of the announcements. It has been made clear that disconnecting... [Continue Reading]