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The Secret World – Issue #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed Till … WTF….

And … The Secret World Issues #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed .. Again.. I’ve run out of creative things to say, other than, they delayed it again, this time till next week.   No definite date or time given. Here’s the original... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Issue #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed Till September 13th

Issue #2 – “Digging Deeper”  delayed till September 13th. A recent tweet by Funcom has pushed the release date of The Secret World:  Issue #2 “Digging Deeper” back one more day…  I guess it’s not too bad, one... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Group Finder Details in Digging Deeper 1.2 Update

Now this is some good news coming from Funcom today. A group finder tool will make its way into the game next week, September 11th in the Issue #2:  Digging Deeper update!   While we’re sad to be taking some of the fun out of spamming “LF2... [Continue Reading]