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The Secret World: New York Raid Boss Guide (Manhattan Exclusion Zone)

Help us fill in this section!  Fill out our content submission form HERE or email us @ [email protected] The Mission associated with the Raid is entitled “Crossroad of Worlds”.  Click the link for more information about the mission. The... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Hell Fallen Dungeon / Boss Guide

Considering adding a stupidity Blacklist somewhere on the site where we (and you!) can write us stories of terrible players doing terrible things.  Inclue character name + Screenshot (optional) + video (if you happen to record it) and we’ll post... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Between A Rock And A Hard Place Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: From Oxford, With Love Guide / Solution

Tier 1: Warn the Archaeologists and Help the Golem Head to the location marked on your map.  It’s a straight shot up the dotted line on the mini-map from the main road.  You enter through a “tunnel” in the rock.  Halfway between... [Continue Reading]