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The Secret World: Free Trial Program

Chances are, if you’re on this site, you’re already a subscriber to The Secret World, but if by small chance you’re not, now is your chance to check the game out, for FREE! If you haven’t already played it, now there can be no... [Continue Reading]

Dayz: Developed as a Standalone Game

The End Of The Beginning The time has finally arrived.  Rocketkiwi has finally made an official announcement that the DayZ mod will begin development as its own, standalone game.  You can read the original release below, or at the source here. That’s... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Early Start Has Begun!

The Secret World servers are now live! Here’s a list of Early Start Servers and their intended purposes: Cerberus (Unofficial PvP dimension for EU, US and Oceanic Players) Daemon (Unofficial English speaking EU dimension) Arcadia (OFFICIAL RP... [Continue Reading]

DayZ Mod Map with Loot and Vehicle Spawn Locations

The Ultimate Interactive DayZ Mod Map Click on any point on the map to see item and locations details for that area! Disclaimer:Interactive map is created by ZAM, the original version can be found at  Read More →

DayZ – Tips for Starting Out / Beginners Guide

Tips for helping you survive in the world of DayZ Note that this is full of spoilers as most of the fun in the game is figuring this stuff out on your own. If you’re OK with that, read on! We cover the basic rules of survival, how to start out,... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Horror Show – Full Guide & Camera Locations

A look at the Kingsmouth Mission Horror Show You get this quest from the woman at the police station. Screenshots of each camera are provided below so you can easily find and identify them, as well as directions for reaching the hard to get cameras. ... [Continue Reading]

DayZ + Arma 3 Developer Interview

Interview with Dean Hall, Creator of DayZ The creator of Day Z, Dean “Rocket” Hall, recently gave an interview to PCGamer regarding DayZ and his plans for the future of the mod. He talks about disease, temperature, player emotion and playstyle,... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – PvP Summary and Review

PvP Within The Secret World The fourth and final Open Beta Weekend for the Secret World is upon us. During the weekend, players will get to experience the PvP gameplay in The Secret World. In light of this, I thought it would be appropriate to go through... [Continue Reading]

DayZ ArmA II Mod – Beware of Exploits – Ban waves coming

Beware of Exploits and the Debug Forest – Ban waves coming. Developers Rocket and Tonic had a few things to say on the 20th regarding the state of DayZ. This is a brief synopsis of the announcements. It has been made clear that disconnecting... [Continue Reading]

DayZ ArmA II Mod – Hotfix Patch Notes and

More Changes and fixes coming in today!  Check it out, and be sure to get the latest and greatest: Latest DayZ Mod Version at:  Latest Patches Also grab the latest beta build of ArmaII from :   ArmAII Beta Patches And be sure to check out instructions... [Continue Reading]