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The Secret World: City of The Sun God Lair – Citadel of Pain

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The Secret World: Lair Boss – Region Boss – Aspect of the Many-Limbed

Egypt Region Boss: Aspect of the Many-Limbed Strategy Provided by Amens: Its a big Guardian spider.  Has 2 phases and is pretty easy. It stands in the summoning circle and shoots webs to the group. They do a bit of damage, sometimes a root effect and... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Duneback Guide

City of The Sun God: Duneback Strategy Provided by Amens: It channels a poison-spit, which does some damage and applies a dot on the tank.  It also does an wide aoe effect where Scorpiontails spawn on the ground.  They do also damage and spawn some... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Hassan, the Ruiner Guide

City of the Sun God: Hassan, the Ruiner Strategy Submitted by Amens: As a Djinn he does some Firespells.  He is immune to any kind of debuff so weakend is not possible on him.  He has an Firepower Aoe which has a Throwback if it gets you.  And he... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Nyarlat, Royal Executioner Guide

City of The Sun God: Nyarlat, Royal Executioner Strategy Submitted by Amens: Is a simple big mummy like the mobs in this area. He sets an debuff on the Tank normaly which can not be removed. A counter of 2:30 min ticks down on him. When it reaches 0... [Continue Reading]