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The Secret World: Carpathian Fangs Lair Mission – The Mortal Coil

  Objectives: Acquire Primary Coil Components Acquire Toroid Components Acquire 5 Secondary Coil Components Acquire 5 Spark Gap Components Acquire 8 Capacitor Components    Read More →

The Secret World: Carpathian Fangs Lair – From Beyond The Curtain

Objectives: Kill 15 Type-X Assassins Kill 15 Type-X Controllers Kill 8 Type-X Hulks    Read More →

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Vulcan Guide

Carpathian Fangs: Vulcan Strategy Provided by Amens: He starts off with his 180° Rifle attack which can instantly kill everything except the tank so get out of the way after you summon him.  He does this attack between his other attacks  too.  He... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Mountain Troll (Devourer) Guide

Carpathian Fangs: Mountain Troll – Devourer Strategy Submitted by Amens: Everytime he hits you it applies a Stack. If it reaches 3 you Die.  So tanking him isn’t really possible.  So we used Provocation/Massprovocation to let him change... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Lair Boss – Vampire Lord (The Voivode) Guide

Carpathian Fangs: Vampire Lord (The Voivode) Strategy Submitted by Amens: Is pretty easy. Just tank him in the Summoning Zone. He calls forth for some adds. Sometimes he sacrifices them for a Leach buff on himself. Its not too strong and he isn’t... [Continue Reading]