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The Secret World – Build Guides – Nightmare Chaos/Blade Tank Build

Draxess’ Nightmare Tank Build Chaos/Blade Submitted By: Draxess (Heaven and Earth Cabal) Weapons: Chaos/Blade All round Nm tank build (all 3 ‘old’ Nm and those that don’t require healtank). Can use it as MP build in all three... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Build Guides – Nightmare Double Impair Sword/Chaos Tank Build

Nightmare Tank Build Double Impair Submitted by: Pawnstar Weapons : Blade/Chaos Actives : 1.Crimson theatre 2.Reality Fracture 3.Escalation 4.karma 5.Trial by Swords (Impair) 6.Art of War (impair/Taunt/GlanceBuff) 7.Martial Discipline Passives : 1.Shadow... [Continue Reading]