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The Secret World – Patch 1.4.1: The First Raid Set To Release Tomorrow

Update version 1.4.1 Notes From Test Live – A Preview of Changes for Patch 1.4.1 With the raid finally going live tomorrow, who’s excited to give it a try? It looks like it’ll be on a 66 hour (about 3 days) lockout.  Should be interesting... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Just A Flesh Wound Guide – Chainsaw Mission!

Pick up the mission from Dr. Aldini in the Modern Prometheus (Plastic Surgeon) in New York to begin! [Continue Reading]  Read More →

The Secret World: To Sir with Love Guide / Solution

This mission requires that you’ve completed The Faculty and Science and the Arts Video Playthrough Opening Cinematic Tier 1 Objective:  Collect a syringe from the first aid kit. Turn around, on the floor you’ll see a first aid kit, click... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Patch 1.4 – Consolidated Information

Complete Information and guide to Issue #4: Big Trouble In The Big Apple With Patch 1.4 The Secret World is getting a bunch of new things to see and do! Bookmark and return to this page often, we’ll be linking to the new guides and content as we... [Continue Reading]

Joel Bylos reveals his plans for The Secret World & Patch 1.4 Information

Game Director Joel Bylos reveals his plans for The Secret World Hi, all – Are you sitting down? Comfortable? Good. Let’s talk about our game. I say our game because once an MMO goes live it is no longer a collection of ideas, features and... [Continue Reading]