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The Secret World: 1.1.1 Patch Notes / Change Log

Lot’s of great changes, additions and fixes! See Full List of changes below, or at their source here. Update 1.1.1 – August 7th With this update we have enabled TXAA, and The Secret World is the first game in the world to support this anti-aliasing... [Continue Reading]

Dayz: Developed as a Standalone Game

The End Of The Beginning The time has finally arrived.  Rocketkiwi has finally made an official announcement that the DayZ mod will begin development as its own, standalone game.  You can read the original release below, or at the source here. That’s... [Continue Reading]

Celebrate The First Live Month of The Secret World!

Exciting News Everyone! Funcom is giving us a celebration in honor of their first month of The Secret World being Live. Details are listed below, as well as a link to the original source. It’s been an exciting first month since the launch of The... [Continue Reading]