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The Secret World: The Vision Guide / Walkthrough

First step is to find Madam Roget in her basement dwelling. Head to “Elm Street” in the town. See The Location On The Map [Continue Reading]  Read More →

DayZ Mod Map with Loot and Vehicle Spawn Locations

The Ultimate Interactive DayZ Mod Map Click on any point on the map to see item and locations details for that area! Disclaimer:Interactive map is created by ZAM, the original version can be found at  Read More →

DayZ – The Fun of Finding A New Shiny Weapon!

DayZ and the repercussions of firing that new shiny weapon! On a slow news day, wanted to share a funny clip we caught in our latest adventures. I would say this is best to be consider like one of those ‘Public Service Announcement’ style... [Continue Reading]

DayZ + Arma 3 Developer Interview

Interview with Dean Hall, Creator of DayZ The creator of Day Z, Dean “Rocket” Hall, recently gave an interview to PCGamer regarding DayZ and his plans for the future of the mod. He talks about disease, temperature, player emotion and playstyle,... [Continue Reading]

DayZ ArmA II Mod – Beware of Exploits – Ban waves coming

Beware of Exploits and the Debug Forest – Ban waves coming. Developers Rocket and Tonic had a few things to say on the 20th regarding the state of DayZ. This is a brief synopsis of the announcements. It has been made clear that disconnecting... [Continue Reading]

Review: The Tiny Bang Story

Posted by 10 years ago In Gaming, Other

The Tiny Bang Story Review Hello everyone, Volaric here and today we’re going to do a review of The Tiny Bang Story. While we have all heard of the Big Bang, not many have heard The Tiny Bang Story. This game is quite the charmer. It is a very well... [Continue Reading]

DayZ First Adventure Complete

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DayZ First Adventure Complete

Hello everyone, Volaric here. Me and Unfair just finished our first adventures in the land of DAYZ and boy was it a blast. I’ll be posting the video we have from the first adventure over the next few days, but here is a sneak peak at the ending.... [Continue Reading]