What an interesting week this has been…
What an interesting week this has been…

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So we learned that hosting … sucks.

Since the first of the month, we’ve had an excess of over 100,000+ unique visitors to the site.  And we seem to be growing daily.  Certainly an exciting time for sure!

Meanwhile…. Back At The Old Hosting Company

Unfortunately, our former web host wasn’t as excited as we are.

In fact, the conversation kind of went like this:

“Wow, you’re getting massive traffic to your site, time to GTFO” 

Our sudden and massive success was bringing their servers to their knees, so much so, they shut us down.. TWICE.

Usually I’d laugh when things like this happen, but I’ve lost a good portion of the week trying to keep the site up and running for the ever increasing traffic!

I’m happy to report that everything is back up and running and that people can once again access our content!

But that stability has come at an extreme cost.

We learned a hard truth, even a hobbyist site can turn expensive very very quickly.   Our hosting costs have increased 5x in the last 72 hours!

The cost of success right?   Well, not so much. We make NOTHING from this site.    Sure we have an Adsense banner or 2 in a few locations, but it would take A YEAR worth of AdSense impressions to equal ONE MONTH of the new hosting service.

We dont’ have large corporate sponsors, or backing from the game developer like so many other resource sites, yet right now, we’re destroying them in The Secret World coverage.

Hey, maybe some day Funcom will take notice, but until then, this is more of a labor of love than any kind of profitable venture.

So that’s where you folks come in…

While we’re not about rattling a can on the street asking for handouts, we’ve come to a point where we need to reach out to the community.

We had some recent down time, some growing pains, and a fair bit of stress to keep everything running, but we’re not giving up.   This project must persist!

We can do that, with your help!

If you enjoy the site, have found our posts useful, or are a generous sort of person, we appreciate any and all contributions to keeping the site alive!

Just click the donate button below, no required amounts, no expectations at all!

We thank you for your support of our project here and we look forward to continuing to cover popular games with news, reviews and guides!

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