Holy Freakin’ Server Explosion Batman!
Holy Freakin’ Server Explosion Batman!

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How To Make A Popular Website And Have Your Hosting Company Shit a Brick

Since the first of the month, we’ve had an excess of over 60,000+ unique visitors to the site.  (and growing by the way)..

We know the launch of The Secret World and our quest coverage has been about 98% of that, we’re absolutely thrilled!

Meanwhile…. Back At The Old Hosting Company

Unfortunately, our former web host wasn’t.
Our sudden and massive success was bringing their servers to their knees, so much so, they shut us down.. TWICE.

Usually I’d laugh when things like this happen, but I’ve lost about 2 work days trying to resolve and get this site back up and running, and of course I want to keep the site up for the masses of people who arrive here daily trying to find solutions to those pesky investigation missions in The Secret World.

So I’m glad everything is back up and running and that people can once again access our content!

It came down to a tough decision wether to continue the site project or scrap it entirely.

In case you didn’t know, Web Hosting is expensive.  Especially when it involves feeding extremely image heavy content to the masses.

But I feel it is important to note:   We make NOTHING from this site.    Sure we have an Adsense banner or 2 in a few locations, but it would take 3 YEARS worth of AdSense impressions to equal ONE MONTH of the new hosting service.

We dont’ have large corporate sponsors, or backing from the game developers of the games we cover like so many other resource sites, yet right now, we’re destroying them in The Secret World coverage.    Hey, maybe some day Funcom will take notice and throw us a bone, but until then, this is more of a labor of love than any kind of profitable venture.

We hope all who have been to the site so far have found our content helpful and enjoyable, and we hope to continue to progress this site, cover the games we play, and provide cool and useful content to our visitors…


But for now, I need to go apply for a 2nd mortgage to cover the next 6 months of hosting!   *sigh*

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