Diablo 3 Failed.  But not like you think!
Diablo 3 Failed. But not like you think!

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So last week, something bad happened.   My WoW account was Hacked.
This is amazing to me, as my account has been inactive for some time.

***Notice of Account Closure***
Reason for Closure: Terms of Use Violation — Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy



Well, overly intelligent internet denizen, let me enlighten you on just how this all came to be.

First, some facts:

  1. I game exclusively on a Mac.
  2. Authenticator – Physical, not Dial In.
  3. WoW account has been inactive for months, as in no sub, no game time, no anything…
  4. Diablo 3 was played.
  5. No public Diablo 3 games were played.

So now some explanation:

Diablo 3 is the cause, like it or not Blizzard fans, there is very little coincidence here, and I’m only one of MANY to have this happen so far.

Ever since logging into Diablo 3, I have apparently opened myself up to be a prime target for these so called ‘game account hackers’.   You see, Diablo 3 is a huge target for these types of people since soon, with the inclusion of a Real Money Auction House (RMAH) – they’ll be able to skip the whole process of just stealing from you, and have you just outright pay them directly.

It is nice to see Blizzard’s Charity and willingness to support these poor third world countries.  (you know, where most of this hacking / stealing / gold farming takes place..?)

“BUT NOOB FACE, DIABLO 3 IS TEH EPICZ – YOU SUCK!”  – Another random dipshit.

Sure –  OK.

Doesn’t change the fact that Diablo 3 is the most piss-poor, over-hyped, half-finished product launch of this decade.  ( I think even Duke Nukem Forever was a better game. )

I’ll save my thought of Diablo 3’s Gameplay for another post, but for now, we’re talking security.

Right now, Diablo 3 is a prime target for every bit of exploitation, hacking, botting, etc.

So what does this have to do with my WoW account being banned?

Well that’s exactly what the fuck I’d like to know!

See, the only thing I’ve done with my Battle.net account since the last time I played WoW was add Diablo 3 to it.  So logic suggests that Diablo 3 opened my account to be attacked, hacked, and exploited.

People can argue all day long, but the facts are still the same, my account was secure, I had an authenticator, the only thing possible was exploitation and entrance through the Diablo 3 game and servers.

So then that brings up a question:   HOW THE HELL DID THEY ACCESS AN INACTIVE WoW CHARACTER?

Well, the lovely support folks at Blizzard wouldn’t care to elaborate on that.  All I know is (from in-game WoW friends who saw it) my character logged in, proceeded to the bank, cleared out my personal items as well as the entire guild bank.  (the GM was thrilled!) and then apparently mailed it all off to somebody else.

Again, all of this happened on an INACTIVE account.  So how is that even possible?

Answers to these impossible questions will never be found.

However, I’ll say this of Blizzard, they have fucked up Diablo 3 in an epic way, but they were quick to make right the wrongs.   It took 6 hours and 13 minutes from the time of the account compromise to the time I was back in game with all items restored.

Not bad, considering the flood of support tickets they are getting.

The downside of this… I have 30 days to collect all my stolen crap from my in-game mail boxes else it’ll disappear.

Well, isn’t that cute?   Apparently the hackers can get in for free to steal all the shit in the first place, but us legit folks have to pay $14.99 to get our stuff back!

So, with that said… I now have an active WoW account for a month… What .. to.. do..


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