A Message From Unfair – A Request For Feedback
A Message From Unfair – A Request For Feedback

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Consider this a social experiment if you will.  First, I’m doubtful many will take the time to read this.

But for those who do, you’ll be a better more enlightened and wonderful being for making it through!
(Ok, not really.. Really, it’ll just sap a minute or two from your life.. time you’ll never recover..  … right … not helping…)

The Connection

Consider this a “Progress Report” if you will, maybe a horribly composed Newsletter, or even just the random ravings of some guy who hasn’t slept since The Secret World came out!  Any way you look at it, we want to connect with our readers and community.  We want to know what’s on you’re mind, what you’re thinking, what you had for lunch, etc..

I like to think that what separates us from other fan and resource sites is personality and willingness to connect with and help others!   We want to talk with people, and we want people to talk back!  We want you involved!

So I’ve focused into a few topics,  The first of which and most important…

First: We want to hear from you!
  • Is there something we haven’t covered yet?
  • Something you want us to go back and do a write up on?
  • Want to call Volaric evil names?
  • Have a site suggestion or comment?
  • Hate us cause we’re stealing traffic from your site?
  • Want us to cover other games / content?
  • Interested in features such as video guides, streaming, etc?
  • Just want to express your undying love and devotion for us?

While our content and mission list is steadily growing, there may be some missions, locations, or information we’ve not covered yet!   We’re doing our best for sure!

There’s just the 2 of us working at it, and while balancing life, game time, and site development, there’s little room for much else!

We’re currently working on 100% clearing Egypt, then we’ll either make the decision to head backwards to Solomon Island or charge forth into Transylvania.

The decision will be based on feedback we receive!

So sound off in the comments below, we want to hear from you, we want to see what you guys want us to focus on and do in the future!

Next up:  Social Media

I hear this Facebook thing is all the rage these days.  We want to be on it!  And more importantly we want you to be there too!  Why?  There’s this rumor that the measure of one’s success in life is calculated by how many friends or likes they have on Facebook.   If that’s the case..  We’re in trouble!   (or maybe it works in reverse.. and either way.. we’re in trouble!)

Anyways.. I have these button …
You just saw these and this is crazy, but here’s some graphics, click them maybe?

Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Watch Us On YouTube

If you’re into the social media thing.  Like, Follow, Subscribe.

We’re trying to get a sense of the value each of these services and if it is worth the time and energy required to maintain new and exciting things on them.   Clearly, spending the time posing, designing, recording, etc.  isn’t worth it if we don’t have an audience.  Or again, let us know in the comments below what you think we should do in regards to social media, be it give aways, promotions, etc..

 Finally:  The ‘Thank You’ Part

I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting our site!

It means a lot to both Volaric and I that we have such a large following so far, and we look forward to the future of growing this community into something awesome!

This has been a large project that so far has exceeded every possible expectation, including time commitment, financial cost, and sleep deprivation!

I’ve been asked countless times “Why do you do this?  It is thankless, gamers don’t care about you and your time… blah blah blah.

To that, I disagree.  We’ve encountered some amazing people, and if you’re taking the time to read this now, I’ll venture to guess you’re amazing too!

Despite the time and effort, the occasional trolls, the people who rip off our work, and the hosting server constantly exploding from all the traffic, we’re enjoying the positive and thankful responses we’ve gotten from people on the site and in the game, and THAT is what will keep us going for the long term.   (ok, and maybe some donations too…)

But for now, back to work on more quest guides!    See you in game!

–  Unfair