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The Secret World Gaming, Tips, Tricks, and News!

What are Lairs?

Lairs exist as challenging areas in the open world zones and are considered to be outdoor group content. Lairs have been updated by Funcom since Issue #2: Digging Deeper, increasing their difficulty, adding new missions, and new boss mechanings.

The lairs are now marked clearly on the map with 'burned out' borders, when entering, you'll also be altered with both a warning sound as well as visual notice of the lair you've wandered into.

The mechanics of lairs have also been adjusted. While boss summon fragments can still drop at random, you now have 2 sidemissions for each lair (detailed below) which give the boss summon fragments as a rewards!

Each "Summining Ritual Fragment" is part of a 9-piece set which can be assembled (using crafting) to create a "Boss" summoning piece.

With a full 5-man group clearing lair missions, it will take about 2 runs of the mission to build hte 9-piece set for that specific boss.

When you summon and kill the Lair Boss they drop a random Region Boss Fragment that is specific to the Region you killed it in. These Region Bosses are considered much more challenging with unique and varying mechanics, again, designed at full group content.

Below is the ever-growing information we've compiled so far from either personal data or the numerous contributions from the community!

Lair Missions

Locations of Lair Bosses

Turns Out ... This Isn't A 2 Man Job!
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  • Nami

    The Quarry is a signet farm zone, there is no drop of lairs.

  • Shlankwald

    Soooo what do you get for summoning the boss? Just a chance for a drop? Seems like a really long drawn out less rewarding version of a dungeon

  • Drakt

    nah from what ive heard, one you start doing the region bosses you get purple gear and once you get to the world bosses its meant to be the best gear in game. you get blue gear from the area bosses so it can only get better. the gear usually consists of a signet, a fragment, a glyph toolkit and a piece of gear

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  • Camael

    What do I need to get a lairboss down? Is it tougher than, say, Polaris NM? Can I summon it again, or do I have to farm the pieces for every fight?