The Secret World – Solo Leveling & PvP Blade / AR Build By ze5
The Secret World – Solo Leveling & PvP Blade / AR Build By ze5

Details: Solo leveling/PvP build
Tested in 1.7.
WEAPONS: Blade / Assault Rifle
(Requires: 393 AP)

1. Bamboo Cutter (Blade->Crossing River’s Edge, 9 AP)
2. Suppressing Fire (Assault Rifle->Bombardment, 9 AP)
3. Dancing Blade (Blade->Method, 3 AP)
4. Anima Outbreak (Assault Rifle->Ground Control, 16 AP)
5. Fire at Will (Assault Rifle->Engage, 1 AP)
6. Martial Discipline (Blade->Technique, 2 AP)
7. Stunning Swirl (Elite, Blade->Method, 7 AP)
8. Empty

1. Regeneration (Blade->Technique, 3 AP)
2. Shoot ‘Em Up (Assault Rifle->Bombardment, 21 AP)
3. Leeching Frenzy (Assault Rifle->Ground Control, 34 AP)
4. Breakdown (Chaos->The Value of x, 9 AP)
5. Dark Potency (Blood->Profane, 2 AP)
6. Turbulence (Chaos->The Fourth Wall, 21 AP)
7. Call Your Shots (Assault Rifle->Take Point, 12 AP)
8. Empty


This build manages to have extreme survivability without loosing too much in terms of damage output. Single target dps it looses out to some more focused builds for sure, but it excels at tearing through groups and can be extremely frustrating in pvp, particularly against multiple opponents (I play dragon, so Im really used to being badly outnumbered in Fusang, but this build manages to make the quests there a FAST source of exp.)

Equipment wise, I personally gear it as a tank, with mostly def, hit, and ar on talisman, along with pen on the weapons. I don’t see any reason it couldn’t work as dps, but either way I recommend slotting one healing talisman. Keep in mind the passive setup basically gives you 150 in hit, pen, and evade to make up for it.

The ‘rotation’ on it is a little funny.
Basically it opens with suppressing fire. You want to spam that till you have either built up ar resources or enter melee range.
If you are fighting ranged enemy’s, you are better of closing the distance well firing, and melee enemy’s I recommend backing up well shooting.

Once you hit close range, if you don’t have AR resources built, open with dancing blade as it will do some serious damage, and switch to grass cutter to start applying exposed.
If you do build up ar resources before entering melee, you want to quickly cycle through all targets well alternating anima outbreak and fire at will. You should be able to get them off in rapid succession. This USUALLY ends the fight, and is almost guaranteed to leave you at full health.

If after this opening phase your opponents aren’t dead for some strange reason (Usually means they are a boss or a single target. Sometimes means you’re gunning for a tank.) You want to get into a rhythm of 5 builders, then cycle targets (tab is your friend here) well alternating consumers.
Usually looks something like this
If anyone is left alive at this point, repeat.

That is a best case scenario, obviously.
It often looks like 1-1-1-1-1-4-tab-5-tab-3- that was the first target repeat.

The final disclaimer is, sometimes you will fight something (Usually someone) who is handing you your ass. Glance tanks for example. It happens. That is why you have Martial Discipline. Its a panic button. Dont worry about using it, there is no downside and 45 secs is a short cooldown.
I keep stunning swirl in there because Im a tank at heart, and I like to interrupt. I was running chaos/blade prior to this exclusively, and frankly having two ranged interrupt/impairs was nice. The more dps minded could slot in red mist for call your shots and elemental force in place of any of 5-7. Ele force plays extremely nice with dancing blade, fire at will, and red mist. You WILL have to gear around whatever deficit you now have in stats, as those abilities are basically the reason you can slot in a healing major well still hitting the 500-700 sweet spot everywhere it counts.

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