Cabal Recruitment Fair
Cabal Recruitment Fair


Cabal Recruitment Fair!
On Saturday 12th July, 2014
At 18:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT
In the Albion, London, Arcadia.


Cabals that will be present at the Recruitment Fair:

Alea Iacta Est (Multi Faction)
In Vino Veritas (Multi Faction)
League of Monster Slayers (Multi Faction)
The Arcane Light (Multi-Faction)
The Dartmoor Academy of St. Columba! (Multi-Faction)
The Phoenix Group (Multi-Faction)

Dragonistic (Dragon)
The Stormchasers (Dragon)

Cerberus Solutions (Illuminati)
Pandion Knights (Illuminati)
The DDDC (Illuminati)

Nine Swords (Templar)
Omne Datum Optimum (Templar)
Ordo Obscurus (Templar)
Scarlet and Cross Institute (Templar)
The Crimson Cross (EU Templar)

Representatives from cabals will be there to promote their cabal and to answer any questions you might have. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to network and meet other people and win prizes

Supported by:

GridStream Productions
Of course, no event could be considered complete without some fantastic entertainment – so we are very excited to be able to bring you this event with support from GridStream Productions and their very own DJ Dynamiks. GSP will be giving away two GSP shirt codes as prizes along with 20m PAX donated by Nine Swords.

The Sanctuary Network.
If all this wasn’t already enough – The Cabal Recruitment Fair is also being supported by The Sanctuary Network.

We cannot wait to see you there!

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