The Secret World: Whispering Tide Details
The Secret World: Whispering Tide Details

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Whispering Tide Event: Preliminary Information

Here is a preliminary walkthrough of the content. At the moment, it’s merely an exchange to get new currency to buy clothing, pets, and other things.

There’s a new breach in Agartha
You access it from jumping down from the Egypt path.

TSW Whispering Tide

It has a quest where it gives you [Vessel of Supernal Quicksilver] which combines with [Pure Metal]



To turn into [Ambrosia of Supernal Quicksilver]


Which you feed Ambrosia into the machine at the portal to get new currency, [Exant Third Age Silver] and [Exant Third Age Fragment]

The Whispering Tide Currency
Which is used at a new store in Agartha between New York and London, which sells:


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