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The Secret World: War of the Totems Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: War of the Totems Guide / Solutions

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: War of the Totems Guide / Solutions Blue Mountain Sasquatch Chief - (740,103)   The Secret World: War of the Totems Guide / Solutions   |   The Secret World: War of the Totems Guide / Solutions13,330

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Tier 1

Examine the spirit tree by walking into the light in the tree just behind the Sasquatch.  When you do, turn around and you should see a path of floating, glowy orbs appear that you must follow.

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Follow the trail from the spirit tree.  It will end at (770,232) in case you lose track of it.  Once you arrive, you are tasked with killing all of the Venous Brood Corrupters near the brown totem.

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Once everything around the totem is dead, the Venous Brood Defiler will pawn near the brown totem and the mission will update to tell you to take it out.

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Tier 2

Continue deeper into the ak’ab infested area.  Same as before, head to (872,160).  When you arrive, kill all the Venous Brood Corrupters near the yellow totem in order to spawn another Venous Brood Defiler.

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Tier 3

Destroy 4 Broodmarks.  They’re those annoying totems that always slow you  down in the area.  When you destroy one, there is a chance that an enemy will spawn, just something to be aware of.

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You also need to destroy the Royal Ak’ab Burrow.  When you do, a Venous Brood Prince will spawn.  Kill it to finish off the War of the Totems mission.

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