The Secret World: Venetian Missile Crisis (Rocket Launcher Mission)
The Secret World: Venetian Missile Crisis (Rocket Launcher Mission)

You get this mission from your faction hub.   It will be listed as a “Special Assignment” (Action Mission).
You must be a minimum Faction Rank 6 to accept this mission.


Video Playthrough


Tier 1

Objective:  Go to the location on your map. Enter the portal.


Tier 2

Objective:  Investigate the facility

As soon as you step off the platform, you’ll be attacked from both sides.

Each enemy had just over 4K health.

After a few waves, you’ll a Mercenary Veteran will appear.   Finish him off to advance to the next tier.

Tier 3

Objective:  Enter the first warehouse.

Start making your way to the opening, clearing the Phoenicians and Mercenaries.

Once in the door, the mission will update…

Objective:  Search for the stolen shipment

Head straight in the door and stay on the level and walkways.    (See Image below.)
The schematics are located at the top level, guarded by 2 enemies.

Tier 3

Objective:  Enter the second warehouse

I killed my way through the rest warehouse, but those favoring a more subtle approach can maneuver around with minimal combat.  The goal is to make it to the back door at the far left corner and get outside.


Stay to the shadows and behind boxes to survive..  If you step into the light, you’ll get a lock on your head and chances are, you’ll die.

A cheap way to do it, stack some health gear and make a run at the blue crates.  Health gear will increase the margin of error, but if you’re not quick, you’ll still die.

Stick to the shadows, and you’ll have to clear 2 enemies before you can walk up to the warehouse.

As you walk forward, be careful on this next pull as it will include 3 enemies.  Dispatch then, then Enter the Warehouse.

Objective:  Search for the stolen shipment.

This place is loaded with enemies.   If you’re alone, try to manage pulls to minimize your chance of death.  Otherwise, proceed to the right, keep clearing, on the far right wall, go under the platform.

Head inside and keep clearing as you come to the opening.

Stick to the right side and head up the ramp, killing things as needed along the way …

Follow the path along, leaving corpses in your wake until you finally come to your objective.

Tier 5

Objective:  Enter the third warehouse. 

Head for the door at the back of the warehouse.

And continue killing ….  *sigh*

Back outside, same rules apply, stick behind cover and to the shadows, but this time, you have to clear some enemies along the way.

Sprinting and use of active dodge can help here.

After you’ve cleared that alley,  you’ll come to a clearing then be looking on towards another gauntlet, you can bypass the next sniper by jumping on the van, and over the blue crates.   By doing so, be prepared to fight as soon as you land.

Clear your way in and walk through the front door.

Objective:  Search for the stolen shipment (…again…)

So, there’s a dirty trick in this one … Walk in to the right, kill the one mercenary patrol.  Then (see image below)  jump up on those boxes and hop over.

You’ll see the High-Tech Rocket Specialist guarding a case.   Hop down, destroy, and click the crate.

Tier 6

Objective:  Return to Portal

Exit out the way you came and return to the portal.

You’ll have to clear wave after wave of attackers…

Objective:  Return through the portal


Mission Complete.   Enjoy your Rocket Launcher. 

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