The Secret World – TSW Patch Notes Halloween Update 1.3.2
The Secret World – TSW Patch Notes Halloween Update 1.3.2

Update 1.3.2 – October 18th


Three new Halloween missions are available. A phone call from Madame Rogêt will get you started.

  • The Meowling
  • Crossing the Black Path
  • The Cat God


  • Blue Mountain: Hrapp, Fog-Cloaked is now lurking around the Quarry.
  • New Seasonal achievements and rewards added for the Halloween event.
  • Fixed a localization issue in Fusang.
  • Added a missing door decal to the Modern Prometheus building.
  • Fixed an issue where Gear Manager builds could not be switched due to an item being on cooldown. The Gear Manager will now only check for active abilities being on cooldown.
  • London: Pangaea now offers a selection of new Streetwear and Footwear for men and women. This includes athletic sweater hoodies, baggy trousers with straps, and skate sneakers for men, and includes fur collar leather vests, sneaker heels, and two new miniskirts for women.
  • London: In the spirit of Halloween, Ealdwic station headwear vendors now offer a crown and pirate hat for men and women. They also carry a new set of wide and slim glasses for women.
  • Gear Manager now updates correctly if the build name is also updated.
  • Nightmare monsters Pit Dweller, Piston Predator and Xibalban Bloodhound now drops bind on pickup items instead of bind on equip.
  • Removed some wayward filth from Agartha.
  • Added audio to Dr. Aldini’s flesh sawing animation.
  • Fixed a potential server crash with the Red Revere Lair Boss.
  • The Karma ability will now correctly cause the target to heal the next target it hits.
  • The visual effect for the Rocket Launcher ability Big Red Button now occurs correctly.
  • The raid GUI is now easier to notice, changes states when toggling the window, and is clearly draggable and movable.



  • Men in Black Vans – Tier 2: The journal text should appear again.

Blue Mountain

  • Homeland Insecurity: Fireteam Charlie members can now be healed during Tier 3 of the mission.
  • Strangers from a Strange Land: Adjusted the volume of the dialog for Huginn and Muninn.

City of the Sun God

  • The Binding – Tier 1: The Falcon should no longer get locked while no one is interacting with it.
  • The Binding – Tier 9: Fixed an issue where busts did not spawn.

The Shadowy Forest

  • The Drăculeşti: Flares will now fire even if an offensive target is selected.
  • Reduced the sound effects of the Wisps around Anastasia’s caravan.


  • Eruption should now work properly on Relentless enemies.


  • Blue Mountain: Deconstructed Workers and Filth-Changed will now drop loot.
  • Egypt: Tweaked the environmental effects in the Egypt Lairs to improve detail level and visibility during daytime.
  • Shadow of Depravity no longer summons adds during the fight.


  • Fusang: Players now receive achievements for capturing facilities.
  • Fusang: You can now once again respawn a Custodian in a facility your faction owns if it was destroyed by an enemy faction, that did not manage to capture the facility.
  • Fixed an issue with the El Dorado battlefield game.


Source: TSW Update Notes

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