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The Secret World: Theme Park Tycoon Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Theme Park Tycoon Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Theme Park Tycoon Guide / Solution The Savage Coast Nicholas Winter - (547, 598)   The Secret World: Theme Park Tycoon Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Theme Park Tycoon Guide / Solution10,000

Tier 1: Examine The Map of The Park

Head over to the main entrance of the park  and examine the map in the booth just to the left once you pass through the gate.

Tier 2: Survive The Octotron

The Octotron, fun little zombie killing toy if you use it right.

Hit the control panel to start up the ride.

The Octotron has 2 abilities that will help you during your time there.  The first of which is an AoE attack centered at the ride itself.  Anything caught inside, be it you or zombies, will be electrocuted and suffer heavy damage.

The second abilityy occurs when the cars lower and begin spinning round and round on ground level.  Be inside of this to protect yourself when it occurs.  Zombies will try to run at you from the outside, get smacked by cars, and die.

Tier 3: Disable The Statue

Destroy the gas canisters right behind the statue to disable it.

Tier 4: Ride The Roller Coaster

WEEE!!!!!!  Hop on and enjoy the ride.  Click the play button to re-live the Rollercoaster without having to do the mission again!

Tier 5: Destroy The Mud Golem

The mud golem patrols the canal.  Stand nearby and pull it outside to safe ground.  If you fight it in the muck, you will most likely not survive the encounter.

Tier 6: Examine The Ferris Wheel

Examine the Ferris wheel, walk up to it and take a peek.

Tier 7: Destroy The Angry Clown

Lastly, head to the Bumper cars and destroy the Angry Clown.  Be careful of having bumper cars hit you.  They’ll knock you over and let the clown smack you.  On the flip side, let the bumper cars hit the Clown, and he gets knocked down and you’re free to wail away at his downed self.

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