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The Secret World: The Uncertainty Principle – Quantum Weapon Mission
The Secret World: The Uncertainty Principle – Quantum Weapon Mission

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Uncertainty Principle – Quantum Weapon Mission Kingsmouth Town Sandy   The Secret World: The Uncertainty Principle – Quantum Weapon Mission   |   The Secret World: The Uncertainty Principle – Quantum Weapon Mission


Auxiliary weapon mission from Sandy “Moose” Jansen (196,345)  in Kingsmouth

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle - Mission Start

(Anybody else think the title of this mission could be the title of an episode of “The Big Bang Theory?”)

Opening Cinematic

Full Mission Playthrough

Tier 1

Objective: Read Moose’s note about improvised weapons.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Note

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Note Details

Objective: Pick up the quantum core from Edgar’s package.
It is right next to the note.

Objective:  Acquire a spring

The Spring is in the police station in the mattress on the floor against the wall.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Spring

Objective:  Acquire a metal tube

Walk forward from the mission start looking to the left, you’ll see a metal tube on the trailer.  Pick it up.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Metal Pipe

Objective:  Acquire a car battery 

The car battery is inside the police station, in the corner to the left of the Bingo Soda machine.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle  Car Battery

Objective: Assemble the parts into battery acid grenade launcher

Core  > Tube  > Spring  > Battery

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Battery Launcher Assembly

Objective:  Test the battery acid grenade launcher

Head out and go find some zombies.  After a few tests, the item will break, you need to disassemble it in the crafting window

After doing so, the core is returned to you, and you advance to Tier 2.

Tier 2

Objective:  Acquire a fire extinguisher 

Head to the fire station and pick up the extinguisher by the shelves.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Fire Extinguisher

Objective:  Acquire a chemicals

You’ll find the chemicals outside the fire station around the corner.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Chemicals

Objective: Assemble the parts into a chemical fire extinguisher 

Make an “L” shape.. Quantum Core, below that is Fire Extinguisher, then to the right of the core is the chemicals.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Flamethrower

Objective:  Test the chemical fire extinguisher 

After killing a few things, the weapon will break again.  Disassemble it.


Tier 3

Objective:  Acquire a metal rod

Objective: Acquire copper wire

Objective: Acquire rifle parts

Head to the location marked on your map, you’ll clearly see the 3 parts you need.   Pick them up!

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Tier 3 Items

Objective:  Assemble the parts into an electric ray gun.

Core, below that the rifle, then metal rod, copper wire.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Ray Gun Assembly

Objective:  Test the electric ray gun

After a few tests, you’ll get an update…

Objective: battle the Deviant Decoherence

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Deviant

Fight him he’ll disappear, then …

Objective:  Disassemble the broken electric ray gun

Break it down again with your crafting window.

Tier 4

Objective: Examine the fried quantum core

It will be in your inventory.

Objective: Go see Edgar at the scrapyard

Objective:  Read Edgar’s notes about his new quantum device.

They are on the table.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Edgar Notes

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Edgar Notes

Tier 5

Objective:  Pickup the incomplete weapon.

Objective:  Use the fried quantum core to charge a roaming golem.

Find golems around the scrap yard, blast them, them loot what they drop. Do this 8 Times.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Quantum Bits

Objective: Assemble the quantum bits with the quantum core

Will make an upgraded quantum core.

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Upgraded Core


Tier 6

Objective:  Use the upgraded core to super charge a roaming golem.

Go back out and find a roaming golem and zap it.

As soon as you kill it, you’ll get an update…

Objective:  Destroy the Deviant Decoherence 

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Deviant Fight

One it is dead you’ll immediately get a new timed objective…

Objective: Collect anima charged quantum particles

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Anima Particles

Objective:  Assemble the parts into a final quantum weapon

TSW - The Uncertainty Principle Final Assembly



The Mission Rewards!


Quantum Weapon Mission Reward Helmet

The Quantum Brace

Quantum Weapon Mission Reward Weapon




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  • Nezkrov

    Very nice ! Thanks for the walktrought ! But.. what QL is recommended for this mission ? ?

    • Vikinger

      Dunno about the QL but you need to be at least rank 6 whit your faction to be able to take the quest.

    • ninjafada

      done QL10 green/blue lost 3k hp against the boss

  • Toby Wong

    i’m QL 10 elemental, 7 AR, 5 talismans. very last fight gave me trouble and just had some lowbie at the junkyard help heal me.

  • Had no issues with this. Breezed through it. Mind you I did start on day 1 and I have a solid solo strike build

  • Bonez

    I did this QL 6 AR while standing on the cars…. Took a very very long time spamming “Anima Shot”. Had to use “Shot of Anima” as well on the last boss fight.

  • Slacker99

    Did it with a QL5 AR. Grabbed golems and pulled them out to road through last barricade defended in earlier quest. Non-torchcutter golems are easiest to kite in circles in the open road. Last boss was a pain for a lowbie, had additional nurture heal with QL5 fist and drank 2 QL5 heal drinks. Stay as far away as possilbe, especially during AOE boss cast.

    Tried as QL5 chaos / QL5 fist, but too close to golems to escape damage. Used some SP/AP to get AR and inner ring skills. Dunno how much AR QL made a difference, maybe could have gone lower. Glanced a lot.

    Reward is a QL10 quantum device. Need to spend 35SP and 50AP before it is useful.