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The Secret World: The Prisoner Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: The Prisoner Guide / Solutions

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Prisoner Guide / Solutions Scorched Desert Prerequisite: Mean Streets   The Secret World: The Prisoner Guide / Solutions   |   The Secret World: The Prisoner Guide / Solutions30,000
This mission preceded by:  Mean Streets



Tier 1:

Objective:  Search the Date factory

The Prisoner Mission Door

Like normal Sabotage missions, do not get spotted by the cameras or enemies!   However, if you have the gear, and / or friends, you can save yourself some annoyance by simply killing everything in your path!

Lore #4 for Breaks In Time, is located just inside the instance on top of the red crates.  You can access this by going behind the blue crates, climbing them and jumping across. 

The Prisoner Mission Lore

After you’ve gotten the lore, from the entrance, head left to the stairs leading down.  The first room on your right as you go down has a generator.. Deactivate it.  The lights go out, making it easier to sneak around, and makes the guards eyes appear to be a ghastly and glowing!  This helps you spot where they are and where they are looking!

The Prisoner Mission - Generator


Objective: Explore the tunnels

Again, if you’re being sneaky, this is important, stick to the right side of the room between the boxes, avoid patrols and watch for the evil glowing eyes.  But if you’re the TSW equivalent of Rambo, just smash some faces and proceed into the next area on the right side of the room where there is a hole busted out of the wall.

The Prisoner Mission - Tunnel

Enter the tunnel, run to the end, you’ll see a cut scene…

(You’ll get captured!)

Tier 2:

Objective: Find a way out of the cell.

While in the cell, your weapons and abilities are neutralized and you’re given some hand to hand combat abilities.

“Quick Left”  “Quick Right”  “Power Left”  “Power Right” and “Defend”

You’ll get to use these fancy abilities on Abodo the Keyholder

The-Prisoner-Mission- Fist Fight

Objective:  Escape the prison

Click the gate, head into the next area and grab the side mission on the right The Escape”

At this point, you’ll want to do the items for “The Escape” mission, then  as you come to a large room, keep to the right and head up the stairs.

Tier 3:

Objective:  Defeat Saddur
More hand-to-hand combat!

The Prisoner Mission - Saddur

Tier 4:

Objective: Speak to Said

Head out of the instance, up the stairs and back the way you came, then head to Said at coordinates ( 836.591 )

The Prisoner Mission - Said


That ends this mission and beings “A Time to Every Purpose


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