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The Secret World: The Pickup Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Pickup Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: The Pickup Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Che Garcia Hansson - (118,689)   The Secret World: The Pickup Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Pickup Guide / Solution6,670

Opening Cinematic

Tier 1: Enter The Maintenance Tunnels & Escort Cassandra

Start out by going into the maintenance tunnels.

Tier 2: Escort Cassandra Through The Security

Inside you will find Cassandra King.

Move forward and take the first right turn.  You’ll see a rather large hallway with a few cameras along the way.

Duck under them, hugging the walls as close as you can.  When you get past the line of sight of one, go directly across the hall to the other side to the room to get under the next camera.  Repeat this until you reach the end of the hall.

Tier 3: Neutralize The Intruders

At the end, you will see a Laser Grid Control.  Each time you click it, a faint laser will be seen on the floor where the intruders are.  You need to click it three times for an intruder to trip over it and make everything explode, clearing the path for you.

Click on the Security Field Controls to disable a wall of lasers and enter the newly accessible room.

Tier 4: Choose a Door & Escort Cassandra Further In

The left door will spawn an enemy, the right door does I don’t know what, the middle door lead you to great victory.

Tier 5: Cross The Electric Grid

Once inside, you will come across an electrocuted floor.  Some of the tiles are bad, some of the tiles are good.  You can see the difference below.

The path you need to follow is highlighted below.  Alternatively, you can jump over blocks that are electrocuted.  If you get hit, it’s not the end of the world.  It won’t 1-shot you.

Tier 6: Pick Up The Package

The sequence to open the door is (from left to right) down, up, down, up.  90’s video game cheat codes anyone?

In this next room, you and Cassandra have a falling out and she escapes.  Exit the Tunnels to finish the mission.

Tier 7: Leave The Maintenance Tunnels

Note that the right side of this laser beam wall turns on and off every few seconds.  Just wait for it to turn off before safely running through.


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  • Nightgard

    Wasn’t it a mission in the beta already ?
    And thanks for your work, I’m happy to know you are here if my brain fails on the riddles 😀

  • Yes, a version of this was in the beta. Changes as far as I can recall are that they added tier 3 and changed the ending.
    Oh and the doors at tier 4 seem to be random. I got a monster from the middle and the right was the way forward. Maybe whichever you pick first spawns a monster and the second always lets you through?

    • Enepttastic

      Nah, doors are just random. Ran it through to see what differences were from the beta version and tried middle door first and it let me through.

      Aside from the ending and the guards, nothing else seemed to be different as far as my recollection goes.

    • BloodyDaydream

      Confirmed, random. Here’s my solution for Tier 4. Middle had an enemy, but it wasn’t much of a challenge.

  • The switches in the package room may be randomized as well; the configuration I eventually ended up with to succeed is not the same one as shown in your screenshot.

  • Lakh

    On tier 4, when picking a door, I initially had no path through with any door. There was an enemy behind all three.

    I logged out (alt F10), logged back in, re-entered the instance (which had reset the doors but nothing else), and the left door then had a path through.

    • Things are certainly a bit buggy. But good tips for anybody else who gets stuck!