The Secret World: The Meowling Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Meowling Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Meowling Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Phone Call During Halloween Event   The Secret World: The Meowling Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Meowling Guide / Solution20,000

Full Video Walkthrough

The mission starts from a phone call from Madame Roget in Kingsmouth.
You may remember her from other missions: The Raven and The Vision

Hey, you may not remember me.  Um, Kingsmouth.  Crystal ball.  Fake accent.  Ravens?  Yeah, so, anyway, not just calling to say hi.  Although, hi!  So, u, it started with Andy, then me, then all these, these kittens …

I know, it sounds weird on the phone, right?  Look, I wouldn’t call because of some missing cats.  I mean yes, my cats ARE missing.  But… others are screaming.  Rising.  Clawing in our heads.

I actually miss the ravens.

Tier 1

Objective:  Meet with Madame Roget

Head to Kingsmouth to meet with Madame Roget, she is located at coordinates (276 ,320)

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Madame Roget

Opening Cinematic

Tier 2

After the cut scene, you’ll have 2 objectives.

Objective:  Inspect the photo of Andy’s kittens

Objective:  Inspect the collar of one of Madame Roget’s cats.

Both exist on Madam Roget’s table.

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Collar and Picture

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Kittens

Objective:  Find where Madame Roget’s cats are digging in Kingsmouth

Madame Roget’s cats are digging up what’s best left buried.  Andy’s kittens are haunting his nightmares.  That’s where the trail begins…

As you leave, Madame Roget will call you to give you a clue …

I always kept them outside. They did… cat things – rummaging, scratching, digging up flowers.  They never bothered anyone.  Certainly didn’t bother me.  Now… I see them digging things up, but it’s not flowers.  It’s definitely not flowers.

What I got from that was.. “Digging up corpses” …

Head to the cemetery.  Coordinates (297,504)

You’ll see 3 cats having a wonderful time… You’ll also come across some seasonal lore!  Be sure to grab it!

(Samhain Lore #4 is located here.)

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Cats

Finding these cats will update the mission objective …

Objective:  Find and destroy whatever’s been haunting Andy

But Madame Roget has some further wisdom for you:

I haven’t been totally honest with Andy.  I mean, I’ve left things out. About his kittens … Look, everyone knows they didn’t go quietly.  Well, they’re not coming back quietly either.

So time to find what’s haunting Andy.  Logic would say, along the water, seeing as his poor kitties were drowned.

So head to coordinates (706, 420), you’ll see the lore on the boat.

But as you approach, you’ll get to meet Andy’s 3 kitten.  Dispatch them… again.

(Samhain Lore # 5 is located alone the water during this part of the mission.)

TSW The Meowling - Investigation -  Andy's Kittens

Tier 3

Madame Roget calls you again … (She loves to burn your cell minutes!)

The thirteen are tied by their tongues. I keep hearing those words.  Can you do anything with that?

Objective:  find the group of thirteen cats on Solomon Island.

So.. who else on Solomon Island had a ton of cats… Elanor Franklin, at the Franklin Mansion in Blue Mountain!

Head to Blue Mountain, Coordinates (856,304)

The mission will update to the next tier when you arrive.

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Franklin Mansion

Tier 4

Objective: Search the mansion ground for the rest of the thirteen

Now, in a very creepy turn, the cats speak if you talk to them…  So go ahead and click them a few times …

Run around the back of the mansion, you’ll see a crypt, and the cats furiously digging and saying more creepy things.  As you approach, the mission will update again…

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Cats and Crypt

Objective:  Search the mansion for a clue to the location of the crypt key.

Head back inside the mansion, time to look for a clue ..  As you enter the mansion, look to your right… Click the painting.  It’ll open a passage way.   Once inside, click the book on the floor.

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Painting

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Book

Madame Roget will have something to say, again …

Elena Zhelikhovsky paved the way in this town for my line of work.   Her spirit’s always been chatty… maybe she knows something we don’t.

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Blueprints

Objective:  Find the Devore Crypt Key

So, giving some thought to the clues…  Elena Zhelikhovsky … Chatty… Spirit… I thought, Well, Time to kill myself…  I did this, ran around for a bit, didn’t find anything.  (but after getting further in the mission, I learned why…)

So, to solve it …

Head up stairs, in the large room, on the left wall, you’ll see a painting titled “Pleiades” – this painting is also known as “The Seven Sisters” …   So matches the clue!

Activating the painting presents you with a keypad.

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Pleiades

Now to find the person in question, and the year of her death, so given the clues, we’re seeking the year Elena Zhelikhovsky died… … Well, in the lore, Elena Zhelikhovsky died in a car wreck in 1957.  

CODE IS:  1957

Objective:  Explore Devore Crypt

You get attacked by Incognito, fight him after a short while, he runs off.  Continue onward to the bottom of the crypt.

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Incognito

You’ll come to a room …

IMPORTANT:  Don’t be a Volaric and forget the lore in the back of this room.  If you do, you’ll not be able to re-enter once the mission is complete and deprive yourself of the Harvester of Horror AND Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa achievements!

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - Crypt

Objective:  Uncover what the spirit has to say.

The book you need is at the right side on the altar — Old Spell Book

TSW The Meowling - Investigation - The Old Spell Book

(Also, be sure to pick up Samhain Lore #2.)

The rewards give you a “Bag of Tricks and Treats

The mission completes, and you get a follow up mission:  Crossing the Black Path


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