The Secret World: The Last Train To Cairo Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: The Last Train To Cairo Guide / Solutions

This mission preceded by:  The City Before Us

This mission is one that is nearly impossible to make a useful written guide for, there for, enjoy this video version instead! 




You’ll get a free 10.1 Head Slot item for completing the chain for the first time!

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  • Jens-Harald Johansen

    When I tried to do this mission I got past the ‘climb outside the carriage’ but when I got back in the door I was supposed to do something with was missing, and I was blocked by an invisible object which prevented me from going through. Same with the door in front of the mobs.

    • Unfortunately, some times things bug out.

  • Animaniac

    Did you catch Emma in the final cutscene?

    • Voratus

      You think that was the girl (?) kneeling near the end of the cutscene?

      • Animaniac

        Emma 2.0 She also both appears and vanishes into thin air

  • toafarmer

    Worth mention that the head peace is a CUSTOM 10.1

  • fdohjnsdajgfsda

    448,810 xp for handler communication
    one blue signet reward bag
    3 Credits of Ca’ d’Oro
    30,000 Pax Romana
    68 hour cooldown

    • Thanks for the update and data! I’m desperately trying to get all of that kind of stuff filled out for EVERY mission in the game!

  • my god was this mission annoying

    • 42r345rg5trg

      if you die trying to kill the final boss (which i do endlessly – as do i bet most others do), you get the FAILCOM reward of running back for the next 2 minutes – the term “annoying” does not do this meaningless waste of time justice !!!

  • JT

    My first run through I finished fine but I got bugged after the final cutscene and wasn’t able to leave the instance.

  • Who scripted this quest, and how can I punch them? Seriously, Spam Hammer Freight Handler and the Spam Rocket Launcher…. still can’t get past it. Not even going to bother either. There is fun… and there is cheap… this is cheap.

  • Melucine

    You will find a headlamp, since you can keep it, it’s very usefull for other missions like “Sin of the father”