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The Secret World: The Haunting Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Haunting Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: The Haunting Guide / Solution Blue Mountain Eleanor Franklin - (845,292)   The Secret World: The Haunting Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Haunting Guide / Solution16,670

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Tier 1: Find Historic Facts About The Mansion

After you talked to Eleanor, go upstairs to find a book in the third room. Examine it and you see a flyer of the top 10 most haunted locations in Maine (I don’t want to know top 1..). Go upstairs in the attic and touch the mirror. You will be ported into a older (or younger?) version of the mansion.

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Tier 2: Examine The Calendar (1904)

Examine the calendar to find out that the year is 1904. The year a serving girl died after being accidentally locked in the basement. So, head down the stairs, fighting some ungrateful servants (they can impair you) on the way. Go left and you will see the cat Amesbury sitting in front of the basement door. Approach it to hear Ella. Go back upstairs to fight the Housekeeper, loot the key and free Ella. You can find a lore symbol in Eleanors room, before you go back to the attic.
It was the butler! Well, maybe. Fight him and touch the mirror again.

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Tier 3: Examine The Calendar (1918)

You are now in the year 1918. Again, go downstairs, fighting some shadows. You will find Margaret Delapore at the front door. Now you have to find her son, but there are many copies of him running around in the yard. If you come close to one, it will turn into a Children’s Nightmare. Go behind the mansion and look for the cat Arkham. It shows you the real Thomas. Talk to him and go back inside.
Before you go upstairs, turn right and then left. Go into the kitchen to find another lore symbol. Upstairs you have to fight Jonathan Delapore. Then visit the mirror.


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Tier 4: Examine The Calendar (1966)

The mansion looks a little bit different and you will meet a lot of hippies. It’s 1966 alright. Keaton Walker is easy to find on your way downstairs. Some of the dead bodies can rise and will attack you, so be careful. The cat Saugus will show you where Frida Diaz is (after you came down, go towards the front door, the door on your right). Then you have to protect Frida from Billy Lee manifestations. Avoid staying in the blood pools and pull the manifestations from the blood pools to kill them quickly. Otherwise they will heal themselves.
Now go outside. A lore symbol is behind the big tent in the front yard. Harriet Braun is in the backyard, hiding in the family crypt.

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Open the door and prepare to run. Harriet will follow you. I find it’s easier to ignore the Billy Lee manifestations altogether and just run straight to the gate door. After Harriet escaped, let yourself be killed by the manifestations to quickly respawn in the attic where you now have to kill Billy Lee. Again, avoid the blood pools and lure him away from the pools on the ground.
Finally, touch the mirror and return back to the present.

Tier 5: Examine The Calendar

And that’s it, your back in the real mansion.

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