The Secret World: The End of Days Event – Consolidated Information
The Secret World: The End of Days Event – Consolidated Information

End Of Days Information

The Event Is Now Live!   It will run from December 21st, 2012 – January 7th, 2013.  

The second of The Secret World’s events kicks off with “The End of Days”  event.   I’m still working to collect information, but there’s missions, achievements, items, things associated with the ARG and more I’m sure!



The missions for The End of Days


  • Road to Xibalba (5-Player Dungeon)
TSW The End of Days Event


TSW The End of Days Event

  • The Big Picture – Complete all End of Days Achievements
  • Quetzal Catcher – Fill out all lore entries in the End of Days Section
  • Merry Mayan Prophecy – Complete all End of Days seasonal mission
  • Ghosts of Ages Past – Kill all 3 Harbingers of the Nameless Days
  • Down for the Count – Kill Bolon Yakte’K’uh at his full health
  • Busted Bones – Kill Bolon Yakte’K’uh while critically impaged by Skull Collector
  • Unidentified Flying Object – Get the Quetzal to help you during the Bolon Yakte’K’uh fight.


  • Chances are, it will be unmissable in missions and instances related to the event.  However, there are 5 total pieces of lore to find!  I’ll update this when I know where they are!


(That I’ve Found….)

Mayan Remains

Are like loot bags, have a chance to give you Mayan K’ins, Grim Glamours, Runes or other items!

Grim Glamour: XibalBan

TSW The End of Days Event
Grim Glamour:  Servant of Seven Deaths
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Carapace
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Mandibles
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Wings
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Exterior
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Core
  • Charred Mayan Rune
Vendors at Morninglight booths

“Nameless Days” weapons — 15 K’in (QL10 blue, 347 weapon power, with slightly modified Darkness War skins)
QL10 Energy Drink (HOT / Barrier / Healing) — 8 K’in
Crusades entry ticket — 1 K’in

Vendor in The Crusades

Mayan Council Robe — 65 K’in
Mayan Bonekeeper Headdress — 35 K’in
Quetzel Bird — 155 K’in
QL10 Energy drinks — 8 K’in

Did I miss something?   Let me know in the comments below!

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