The Secret World: The End of Days Event – Consolidated Information
The Secret World: The End of Days Event – Consolidated Information

End Of Days Information

The Event Is Now Live!   It will run from December 21st, 2012 – January 7th, 2013.  

The second of The Secret World’s events kicks off with “The End of Days”  event.   I’m still working to collect information, but there’s missions, achievements, items, things associated with the ARG and more I’m sure!



The missions for The End of Days


  • Road to Xibalba (5-Player Dungeon)
TSW The End of Days Event


TSW The End of Days Event

  • The Big Picture – Complete all End of Days Achievements
  • Quetzal Catcher – Fill out all lore entries in the End of Days Section
  • Merry Mayan Prophecy – Complete all End of Days seasonal mission
  • Ghosts of Ages Past – Kill all 3 Harbingers of the Nameless Days
  • Down for the Count – Kill Bolon Yakte’K’uh at his full health
  • Busted Bones – Kill Bolon Yakte’K’uh while critically impaged by Skull Collector
  • Unidentified Flying Object – Get the Quetzal to help you during the Bolon Yakte’K’uh fight.


  • Chances are, it will be unmissable in missions and instances related to the event.  However, there are 5 total pieces of lore to find!  I’ll update this when I know where they are!


(That I’ve Found….)

Mayan Remains

Are like loot bags, have a chance to give you Mayan K’ins, Grim Glamours, Runes or other items!

Grim Glamour: XibalBan

TSW The End of Days Event
Grim Glamour:  Servant of Seven Deaths
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Carapace
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Mandibles
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Wings
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Exterior
  • Mayan Rune Chunk: Core
  • Charred Mayan Rune
Vendors at Morninglight booths

“Nameless Days” weapons — 15 K’in (QL10 blue, 347 weapon power, with slightly modified Darkness War skins)
QL10 Energy Drink (HOT / Barrier / Healing) — 8 K’in
Crusades entry ticket — 1 K’in

Vendor in The Crusades

Mayan Council Robe — 65 K’in
Mayan Bonekeeper Headdress — 35 K’in
Quetzel Bird — 155 K’in
QL10 Energy drinks — 8 K’in

Did I miss something?   Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Nezkrov

    hey unfair , you can see all the walktrought and details of the ARG in .

  • Soliarmus

    Just to save some confusion, the End of Days event stuff is not up yet–it starts December 21st till Jan 7th. (Looked it up on the forum:

  • Starjammer

    There’s also a Mayan Rune Chunk: Wings

  • Pardoz

    I found pieces 1-4 of the lore while following around the Resplendent Quetzal (they appear as it moves over them). Haven’t found piece 5 yet – not sure if I missed it in the zerg or if it’s somewhere else (dungeon, maybe).

  • Have a Mayan Rune Chunk: Exterior

  • Lez

    have all 5 runes. but what next lol. Heck have like 4-8 of each now

  • Stripey

    The Mayan runes I have found were named: Mayan Rune Chunk: Wings, Mayan Rune Chunk: Carapace, Mayan Rune Chunk: Mandibles, Mayan Rune Chunk: Exterior, Mayan Rune Chunk: Core.

    Also there is a lore spawning on at least one of the terraces during the fight in the 5-man dungeon.

  • JadeBone

    2x ‘mayan rune chunk exteriors = mayan rune chunk wings
    2x mayan rune chunk wings = mayan chunk carapace
    2x ‘mayan chunk carapace = ? Mayan Rune Chunk: Mandibles
    mayan rune chunk exterior + mayan rune chunk wings + mayan chunk carapace + mayan rune chunk mandibles =? (maybe a completed mayan rune?)

    • Darx

      2 wings make a core, not a carapace.

  • Stripey

    Lore 1-4 spawns on the path of the Resplendent Quetzal as Pardoz stated.
    Lore 5 spawns at the right terrace (when facing the boss) during the boss fight in the event dungeon.

    • Yea, you have to be quick on this one, since you can’t get it after the fight it seems.

    • toafarmer

      is appears to change the location. I got mine on left side while facing boss.

  • Kuripari

    When turning in the first piece, there is a pamphlet of strange non-fiction. I haven’t collected enough rune pieces, but that’s probably a recipe for what to do with them.

  • Mishie

    So what exactly do you use the rune chunks for? I have the core one but I don’t know what to do with it.

  • NoName

    Rune chunks can (and have to?) be applied to the Harbingers like a debuff (target the mob, rightclick a rune) to remove their shield (100%damage absorb). Since all of the runes need to be applied, there might be an assembling option to combine all of them into one rune, so theres a easier application (not sure about that).

    • already said that 😛

      u cant forge them together u have to apply them on the boss manually each

  • JadeBone

    I have all 6; and I can’t find a way to combine them. What dose seem possible to do is combine 2 of any type to make another time. (notice 6 runes and 6 slots) To complete the last quest, you have to be weaken the boss by using at least one of the runes to help bring down the shield; then you have to kill the boss.

  • Soliarmus


    (Green) Grim Glamour; Xibalban, (Blue), Grim Glamour: Xibalban Warrior, (Purple) Grim Glamour: Servant of Seven Deaths

    Blue QL5 Weapons (all 215 Weapon Power)

    Swords: Ancient Mayan Sword, Ancient Mayan Dagger

    Hammer: Ancient Mayan Spear

    Charred Mayan Rune: will increase the rate at which undead mayans will spawn around you. (If nothing else.)

    Other than that, I’ve gotten miscellaneous crafting components like Base Dust from the Remains bags.

    Other notes:

    Crusades entry ticket (for sale at Morninglight vendors for 1 K’in)

    Other than providing access to the night club, there is apparently more stuff you can buy there for greater numbers of K’in.


  • Starjammer

    If you combine a rune chunk with 3 Pure Fires underneath it, you get a charred rune. The pattern is in the Morninglight brochure. If you use a charred rune it gives you some sort of buff (?) or something that says you’ve angered Bolon, though it’s cancellable. Don’t know what it does but it’s probably for the boss fight in the dungeon.

    • Brenna

      It increases mayan mobs spawnr ates and instantly agros them when they spawn near you. Great for farming.

  • nyaid

    four lore locations when following Resplendent Quetzal are at 134 820, 106 696, 69 623 and 83 810.

  • Gritte

    The 1st 4 lore drop while following the Quetzal bird in Blue Mountain

  • Caliana

    4 of the 5 Lore pieces are in Blue Mountain, but they’re invisible, and revealed in proximity of the bird that’s related to Resplendent Wisdom

    • Caliana

      the 5th is supposedly in the dungeon, but I have not been there yet

  • toafarmer

    You forgot: 1) Grim Glamour Xibalban Warrior (the blue one) and the 4 ancient mayan skins (blue ql 5) and also all the items from the morning light vendor

  • Noamu

    In London at Mambo’s shop : a Wierd Non-Fiction special report, give some info about rune

  • Mishie

    Just a question, but is it now impossible to finish off the rest of these achievements/lore or do they plan on bringing it back later?

    • Volaric

      I highly doubt it’ll come back as it was advertised as a 1-time event, but I guess we’ll find out next year for sure.