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The Secret World: The Binding Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Binding Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: The Binding Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Houy - (298,728)   The Secret World: The Binding Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Binding Guide / Solution35,000

Opening Cinematic

Full Video Guide

The Binding: Mission Start

Tier 1

Full Tier 1 Video Walkthrough

Objective:  Seek out the unusual visitor.

Walk outside and click the falcon.

The Binding - Falcon

The Falcon Says:  “The High Priest of Amun despairs of his sacrifice.  His hope must be restored.  Mark well the gazes of the gods, even Aten the false.  Where they cross you will find the places where he buried his duty and his shame.”

Objective:  Find part of what the High Priest buried.

Note:  This is a bit of a pain, somewhat hard to explain, so we’ve outlined the coordinates as well as the respective pieces in order to the mission objectives.   There is also a map, which can be seen below, that outlines which statue points which direction and the resulting staff pieces.  

Map Locations for The Binding

1st Piece:  Nefertari The Younger and Hemitneter is looking at the Head Piece  at Coordinates (55,467)

The Binding: Head Piece

2nd Piece:  Moutnefert and Hemitneter is looking at the Lower Staff Piece at Coordinates (53,438)

The Binding: Lower Staff Piece

3rd Piece:  Statue of Aten and  Thutmouse is looking at the Middle Staff Piece: at Coordinates (710,309)

The Binding- Middle Staff Piece

4th Piece:  Thutmouse and Nefertari is looking at the Pommel at Coordinates (648,821)

The Binding: Pommel

5th piece:  Houy and  Hemitneter  is looking at the Upper Staff Piece Coordinates (75,953)

The Binding - Upper Staff Piece

Once you have all of the pieces, your mission will update …

Objective:  Recreate the Staff of Amun

Order:  Pommel  > Lower Staff Piece > Middle Staff Piece > Upper Staff Piece > Head Piece

The Binding: Assembly

Tier 2

Objective:  Use the Staff of Amun

Use the staff in your inventory 

The Staff,When Used Says… “There is always a hidden center.  The priest buried his staff at the corners because the center is the chamber of eternal sun.  That is where Amun’s staff will reveal the past to you.”

Objective:  Find where to use the Staff of Amun

The clues are that the pieces were located at the ‘corners’ because the ‘center’ is the chamber.. blah blah..

So, looking at the map, we figured it had to be around “The Reformatory” in the middle of the map.  It wasn’t till sprinting through there a few times, resulting in a handful of deaths that we considered looking ‘underground’.

Easily accessed from the north, we, after a recent death noticed it from the “Vulture’s Pass” resurrection point.

Exact place you’re getting to is at Coordinates (408,664)

The Binding - Cave Entrance

After you make your way into the cave and step into the light, your mission will update.

Tier 3

Objective:  Use the Staff of Amun

Use The Staff of Amun in your inventory

A cut scene will follow…

Tier 4

Objective:  Speak to Hemitneter

The Binding - Hemitneter

As you approach the monument, a cut scene will play …

When the cut scene finished, the mission updates …

Objective:  Uncover the means stored in Hemitneter’s Monument.

Walk inside and look to the right.   Pick up the Hollow Spear.

The Binding - The Hollow Spear

At this point, you’ll get a staff in your inventory.

Open your crafting window and disassemble the spear.

The Binding - Dismantle The Spear

Doing so will update the missing.

Objective:  Investigate the papyrus

Click the papyrus in your inventory.

The Binding - Papyrus

Tier 5

Objective:  Unlock the western portion of the pyramid.

Head to the location marked on your map at the pyramid.

To get up where you need to get so, you need to zig-zag your way up the wall.  Kind of hard to explain in text, so we made a video!

Use the Hieroglyph on the wall.  

The Binding - Symbol 1

This will open the door, head inside.

Once inside, your mission will update …

Objective:  Investigate the western chamber

You should see a large “Egyptian fresco” on the wall, click that.

The Binding - Fresco 1

Tier 6

Objective: Unlock the southern portion of the pyramid.  

Work your way up the pyramid as you did in the previous step and look for the Hieroglyph that looks like this – Click it.

Objective:  Enter the southern chamber

Same as the previous step… Click the  “Egyptian fresco” on the wall.

The Binding - Second Fresco

Tier 7

Objective: Unlock the eastern portion of the pyramid.  

Work your way up the pyramid as you did in the previous step and look for the Hieroglyph that looks like this – Click it.

The Binding - Symbol 3

Objective:  Enter the eastern chamber

Same as the previous two step… Click the  “Egyptian fresco” on the wall.

The Binding - Fresco 3

Tier 8

Objective: Unlock the northern portion of the pyramid.  

Work your way up the pyramid as you did in the previous step and look for the Hieroglyph that looks like this – Click it.

The Binding - Symbol #4

Objective:  Find a way to the secret passage.

Head inside, it is the door on the left.

The Binding - Tunnel

Walk inside to update the mission.

Tier 9

Objective: Find the entrance to the secret chamber.

Run up the hall, following the path, the mission will update again when you reach a door..

The Binding - The Door

Objective: Enter the pinnacle

Clicking the door puts you in a solo instance.  (while it says solo instance, if you’re in a party, your friends will come with you!)

Objective:  Unlock the secrets hidden in the pinnacle.

The Binding - Inside The Chamber

The Binding - 3 Busts

You’ll need to pick up the busts on the platforms and approach the back of the room.

Place the busts as follows, while facing the back wall with the fresco on it …

AkhenatenLeft Pedestal 

NefertitiMiddle Pedestal 

TutankhamenRight Pedestal 

Once complete, the mission will update …

Objective:  Examine the fresco

There’s an Egyptian fresco on the wall,  investigate it..  

The Binding - Final Fresco

It will update the mission again …

Objective:  Take the golden ram-headed sphinx.

It will appear on the pedestal behind you.  Pick it up.

The Binding - Sphinx

Tier 10

Objective:  Deliver the sphinx to the High Priest to restore his faith.

Return to the start of the zone (follow the marker on your map) to find Ptahmose.

The Binding - Ptahmose

There is a cut scene that will play, enjoy!

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  • Datasmurf

    Oh, such an amazing quest.

    • Agreed! I hope Funcom does more like this mission in the future!

    • I agree but oh how I wish they could come up with some better mechanics than that idiotic zig-zag to get up the side of the damn pyramid. Things like that just highlight the limitations of the engine, which is a pity as the rest is terrific.

      • As with most mission guides as we write them, we cover the immediate way we found to do something. While the zig-zag worked for us, and its how we did it, another user Jaline Williams mentioned that you can run up the corners of the pyramid. I’ve not tried this, but would seem like a good alternative!

        • Voratus

          You can also run around the corners from the north side…just run straight and you shouldn’t fall.

      • Lexxie

        I thought it was pretty realistic. The sides are sheer so there irl there would be little chance of running straight up, you’d have to climb up in gradients just like our avatars did.

        • Gail

          Realistic? If the game had a ‘scramble’ animation then, sure, no problem, but it doesn’t. It has us comically running from side to side standing up right. Watching people running back and forth like that was a bit ‘Benny Hill’ for my taste 😀

  • Samir

    >> Find part of what the High Priest buried.

    The lines in the map points to the direction the sentinels statues are facing? 🙂

    • That is correct. The map we marked up all over on above in the guide, shows the ‘general’ direction the sentinels are facing. While it may not be ‘perfect’, it does get the job done and show how we arrived at those locations!

      • Lexxie

        Part of the fun of this quest for me was that I printed the map out, and ran to each statue and actually got a red pen and drew the line on my paper! Sooo old school but it was amazin fun.

  • First, I want to say it’s cool how missions like this are actually hidden before they’re released. I had done some exploring of the black pyramid early after release, and the areas for steps 5 and beyond, were much smaller, without any heiroglpyhs… Giving no clue that there’d be a mission here eventually. Second, much easier way of getting up the pyramid, at least to explain in words. Is to jump up at the corners of the pyramid, and simply walk forwards up the pyramid until you get high enough to simply walk over to the platforms. Used this method early on, like I mentioned before, and it still works.

  • Lexxie

    Loved this mission, I was really stuck on opening the north side of the Pyramid, how on earth did you figure those hieroglyphs from the parchment??

    • Volaric

      We went one by one down the line clicking everything because nothing looked obvious. We try not to do this often, but I couldn’t figure out a legit way that they matched, so I said “Fuck it, I’m clicking them all” Granted that made many many ghosts spawn, but were were able to dispatch them without too much trouble.

    • Voratus

      It’s math – need to look up egyptian numbers and you’ll find the northern part of the map symbols translates into a subtraction problem. The answer is 42.

  • SmarineIS

    As a helpful not insteand of climbing up each side just run of the edge of the landings horizontally, you dont slide down if you do it right and you can just run around the entire pyramid like that, saves time and monsters munching on you.

  • Explorer

    Just wanted to point out that there was a clue missed for Tier 9, before you enter the solo instance, opposite the door the falcon that you talk to in the beginning is standing on the very edge of the walkway. It looked almost transparent at first, but it got more solid as I got closer to it (might have been a graphical glitch on my end). Anyhow, the bird says something along the lines of, “In the end, the son was greater than the father and the mother is a bridge between the two” So there’s your reasoning for why you place the statues where you do.

  • Assyb

    Interesting mission. When I made my way into the cave light to update the mission at tier 3, I get a phone call from my Dragon faction wanting me to pause the mission and do another mission called London Underground. I had the option to accept it or not so I accepted it. Went to London, did the mission and then went back to CotSG and finished The Binding.

  • BernieTime

    Tier 5: Much easier way to access the ledge. Go to the North side of the Pyramid, jump to the north ledge access and you can easily walk around the corner to the West side and walk right onto the ledge there. No need to practice the awful zig-zagging skills.

  • Oscar Mattsson

    The pinnacle does no longer say “(solo instance)”,