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The Secret World: Taking The Purple Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Taking The Purple Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Taking The Purple Guide / Solution The Savage Coast John Wolf - (455,675)   The Secret World: Taking The Purple Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Taking The Purple Guide / Solution10,000

Tier 1: Examine Corpse & Look Around For More

Find some more corpses along the path and keep walking down that path.

Tier 2: Defeat The Ambushers

This step has been bugged almost every time I’ve done this mission.  You may not have any attack you when you pass by the road.  If that is the case, open up a GM Ticket and ask the GM to spawn the monsters for you.  They should spawn up against the rocks on the eastern part of the mission zone.

Tier 3: Locate Ambushers’ Hideout & Access Computer

The Hideout is around the back side of the building near where you (possibly) got ambushed.

Right when you zone in, you discover why this is a sabotage mission.  Jump over the first laser beam.

Proceed to sneak past the camera into the next section of the room.

Get to the computer.  First, disable the security so that getting out is just that much easier for you later on.  Then go through the logs until the mission updates.

Tier 4: Destroy The First Three Camera’s

Take the Tracking device from the desk.

You can find the 1st camera @ (675,473).  Destroy it by attacking the power source on the floor underneath it.

The second camera can be found in the overhanging arch @ (620,591).

The third camera is in the giant cuddly thing @ (620,387).

Tier 5: Destroy The Final Camera & Kill Squad Leader

The final camera is @ (530,650), again, in the giant smiley … whatever that’s suppose to be.

When you destroy the final camera, a squad leader will come out and attack you.  Slay him to finish the mission.  He just throws grenades at you the entire fight.  Simply move out of the blast radius before they explode for easy mode.


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