The Secret World: Soundtrack for Sale At
The Secret World: Soundtrack for Sale At

We’ve been enjoying the in game music in The Secret World, now is the time to purchase the soundtrack with it being only $9.

See what others thought of the Soundtrack.

Review By [email protected]

“Woah, I can’t remember the last time I heard such a great score in a game. Played the beta of TSW and this game music draws you in, right from the login screen. Highly recommended (although I already got it off iTunes).
There is a secret world.. and they really hit the nail with the music. Hope there will be a lot of additional music when the game expands in the future.”

Review By C. Zodl 

“There are alot of really bland and poor Game Soundtracks out there; but this one is a nice mix of intense orchestral tracks and some more mellow tunes. The soundtrack does a good job of conveying the power and mystery of the games world. A solid listen.”

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