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The Secret World: Runaway Lights Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Runaway Lights Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Runaway Lights Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Ellis Hill - (895,850)   The Secret World: Runaway Lights Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Runaway Lights Guide / Solution10,000

Tier 1: Check Wiring In Passage #1

Check the blueprints for the area to get your bearings.

The First Damaged wiring is across some elecrified water.  Have a lot of HP items, or some heals equipped to make it across without dying.  If you do die, just run back and resurrect on dry land.

Tier 2: Check Wiring In Passage #2

No electric water to worry about here, just a few enemies.  Take them out 1 by 1 if possible before heading to the damaged wiring to repair it.

Tier 3: Check Wiring In Passage #3

Just like the first switch, get some heals and hope you make it over in time.  Get a sprinting start and jump as far as you can.  The green dumpster will be your goal, as that gets you out of the muck sooner than the actual path.

Tier 4: Check Wiring In Passage #4

Go across and repair it.

Tier 5: Go To Generator Room & Destroy Circuit Breaker

Enter the Tunnel to the Generator room @ (994,764).

Inside you will find Circuit Breaker.  Destroy it to finish the mission.

Don’t forget to pick up “There’s Something About Ellis Hill” while you are down here!


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    I think you ain’t supposed to go through the electrified water, there is a ledge you can jump at, right behind the stairs at the entrance.