The Secret World: Rare Spawn – Mr Freezie
The Secret World: Rare Spawn – Mr Freezie

The Secret World - Rare Mob Mr. Freezie

Hey Kids Want Some ….. Braaaaaiiiinnnnnssss ….

Mr. Freezie is a zombie rare spawn located on Fletcher Road with approximately 3k hp.  You can find him behind the cemetery at (235,520).  Defeating him will give you the achievement Mr. Freezie. This one could be the most difficult to find as he’s on one of the most traveled stretches of road in Kingsmouth.

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  • Ted

    any ideas on respawn times?

  • Kappa

    He’s a long one like most non-placeholder rare spawns. I waited over two hours real-time for my kill.

  • Guest

    Not sure if it’s actually so much of a spawn time as a trigger. I’m possibly 1000% wrong but I’ve found him 5 times and every time it’s RIGHT after I complete the quest involving the wedding band

  • I just finished the wedding band quest and no spawn. I’ll try it again tomorrow to test it out.

  • Slegnor

    It’s a 3 hour respawn time, appears from the base of a tree a few feet from the truck

  • Yeah, done the mission three times since and no spawn. Just going to camp there a while and hopefully I’ll get him.