The Secret World: Rare Spawn – Adramelech the Chancellor of Hell
The Secret World: Rare Spawn – Adramelech the Chancellor of Hell

Adramelech, the Chancellor of Hell is a djinn rare spawn with approximately 16k hp.  You can find him patrolling the area around (860,150).  He has a buff, which stacks on each critical hit and after 5 stacks, it will reset all spell cooldowns.  Defeating him will award you the achievement Adramelech, The Chancellor of Hell.

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  • 15 min respawn timer, gatekeeper is placeholder

  • Nyki

    Took me a few days, but I got the bugger! Gatekeeper is the placeholder, respawn can be upwards of 30 min. Glad I had someone to keep me company.

  • Hoggimus Doggimus

    Very odd that most of these “Rares” posts don’t bother to tell us which ZONE the Rare is in. Coordinates are useless without a zone. Don’t understand the point of posting any info at all that doesn’t include the freakin’ ZONE!

  • Dallas Ngaronoa

    mmmm ived killed the gatekeeper but the rare guy doesn’t come back. the gatekeeper just respawns. Do I have to wait for rare guy to reset or something. o.o?

    • Shuralath

      The Gatekeeper is what’s known as a placeholder mob, every time there’s a spawn on that mob it has a large chance to be the placeholder and a lower chance to be the rare. It’s just pot luck which you get.
      In this case the spawn timer is 15 mins.